Targeting Photoshop Fails

US retailer Target recently made the ridiculous choice to (poorly) photoshop an already svelte teen model in order to give her a thigh gap and alien-like limbs.


On-line news site Mamamia were the first to expose this insanity here in Australia: “What’s disturbing here is not only is someone with inferior retouching skills attacking catalogue images, but that images of teenagers are being slimmed down in the first place.” Amen!

I appreciated the opportunity to discuss this on channel 9’s Mornings program with Mia Freedman:


One thought on “Targeting Photoshop Fails

  1. Nikki Davis says:

    GREAT SEGMENT! Wow – Danni and Mia hitting the nail on the head!

    I also wonder when advertisers will give up this relentless “only thin is hot” campaign they seem to shove down our throats daily.

    So glad we have brilliant women appearing on air here in Australia to openly discuss and critique this. Like you said Danni, this does matter.

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