All About Women – Bringing Up Daughters

I am thrilled to announce I will again grace the stage at the Sydney Opera House; you may recall last year I joined Germaine Greer, Eva Cox and Tara Moss there as part of the Festival Of Dangerous Ideas.

This April I shall Chair a panel on “Bringing Up Daughters.” Other panellists will include Nigel Marsh, Maya Newell and Barbara Toner.

I thought this week I would begin my preparation by drawing on your collective wisdom. Ms Toner’s most recent book, Because I Love You, is a guide written for her three daughters. In it she offers them advice on everything from “The meaning of life and how it should be lived”, to “How to buy property and live in it happily.”

In many ways I consider my book for teen girls, The Girl With The Butterfly Tatoo, to be a heart-felt conversation with young women on all things I think they need to know to be empowered.

What advice would you offer your daughter to ensure she does not end up ending her days in the manner in which the blurb on the reverse of Ms Toner’s book cautions she might should she not heed her mother’s wisdom:   “on the streets, in the gutter, with spoilt children, gum disease and bosom droop.”

Book Give Away! I have a copy of “Because I Love You” to offer to one of my readers. Simply comment below, and leave your email address for us to contact you should you win, and we will pick a reader at random on 10th March. 


8 thoughts on “All About Women – Bringing Up Daughters

  1. Susan says:

    Would love to receive a copy of your book. I have two daughters 10 and 12 and having a hard time with them. How do we go about getting ticekts for event and how much are they?

  2. Jacqui Manning says:

    Always listen to your vibes/intuition- even if it leads to a difficult decision, it will ALWAYS lead you the right way.

    Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others – there will always people better off and worse off than you.

    You can do anything you set your mind to- embrace your intelligence and be proud of it. Don’t try and ‘dumb’ yourself down.

    If a man ever hits you, walk. Just walk and don’t look back.

  3. Leanne James says:

    I would love to read “Because I love you”. I have a four year old daughter and would love to be empowered with the right tools and knowledge prior to her reaching an adolescent age. I want to be a good mother and role model for my child and help shape her into a wonderful human being who can give back to her friends, family and community.

  4. Marcia Coventry says:

    Never change who you are to be accepted by others.
    Trust your own judgment, don’t just go with the flow. You’re an intelligent free thinking young woman.
    Always stand up for what you believe in.

  5. Catherine Manning says:

    ‘Bosom droop’? Really?? Sounds like something Kyle Sandilands would say along with ‘tuckshop lady arms’ and other horrible critiques of women’s bodies. I’d be interested to learn what the marker of ‘bosom droop’ is, who the prevention of it is for, and what it entails. Silicone? Useless, expensive creams? I’m…umm…intrigued.

  6. Danni Miller says:

    The winner of the book was Jacqui Manning. Congratulations Jacqui! I shall post it to you next week.

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