Advice to teen girls around safety.

Because there has been so much (often furious and ultimately, therefore, alienating and unhelpful ) discussion on Mia Freedman’s recent post on girls and personal safety , I hesitated to post my ABC radio interview on this very topic. The topic is a minefield as passions run deep – and rightly so – it is a very serious issue. But I think we need to be open to talking and listening. When listening to the interview, keep in mind too I work with girls who are not yet of the legal drinking age; although of course many of these girls do binge drink and are damaging their health / injuring themselves / making poor choices as a result.

So I shall post – encouraged by this email just in:

Hi Dannielle,

I heard you interviewed yesterday on local Brisbane ABC radio in the wake of the Mia F column/blog on young women’s drinking heightening their vulnerability to sexual assault.I just wanted to express my admiration for how much you drew on relevant research – and far beyond the typical throwaway line “the research tells us” but actual results and studies – to strengthen your already compelling arguments. I’ve worked in and with the not-for-profit sector for most of my career in research-based roles and it’s always such a pleasure to hear someone walking the talk re evidence.As the Qld convenor for the Aust Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY), I see one of my principal tasks as fostering more Danni Millers.

Love the whole emphasis and philosophy of Enlighten Education, esp with a beautiful 12 and a half year old daughter about to start high school next year!

Best wishes,
Dr. Geoffrey WoolcockSenior Research Fellow – Quality and Research
Wesley Mission


You may listen here. Happy to take comments but let’s keep them respectful and keep in mind that no-one wants to see young women harmed, or shamed.

If you listen past my interview to the callers, you will see that there are still some crazy notions about women and safety that need to be addressed.

The Scottish web site This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me is an excellent resource should you wish to challenge myths about sexual assault:


3 thoughts on “Advice to teen girls around safety.

  1. Rachel @ Reality Chick says:

    Fantastic interview Dannielle, I love that you’re bringing some sanity and intelligence to this discussion.

  2. Glenn Buesnel-May says:

    It’s great to continue to hear your voice in the conversation, Danni.

    The point of men taking responsibility is key to this debate. Why isn’t THIS the focus of the conversation? Men holding men accountable out on the town, at parties, around the dinner table or the numerous casual conversations socially? Why is the focus primarily on women telling girls how to socially manoeuvre around rapists and molesters?

    The statistics Danni quoted are telling and prove that there needs to be a primary focus on male attitudes and conduct.

    Glenn Buesnel-May
    Blue Raptor Leadership Development
    Ambassador – White Ribbon Foundation

  3. Janine Fitzpatrick says:

    Dannielle that interview is bloody brilliant. As a parent trying to raise 16 year old and 13 year old daughters the whole conversation over the Freedman piece upset me. Raising teens is HARD! Like you I hesitated to write about girls/alcohol discussion because I was afraid of the fallout but it is so important that parents are given the tools necessary to discuss the tough issues with their children. But well done to you for providing a reasoned, considered, researched response in the debate.

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