Program outline

Understanding the need to change
Feel equipped and empowered to change
Sustaining the change

Content includes:

Gendered patterns of violence and the foundations for abuse (gendered beliefs and sexism)
The types of violence teens and adults experience and how to identify the warning signs
Understanding enthusiastic consent
Knowing how to handle disclosures of abuse
Knowing how to change and be a good ally

To arrange this 90 minute workshop, When Love Hurts, for your girls from years 9-12* email your local Enlighten program Director, or contact us here :
*Our Senior Program Presenter Jack Ellis is available to deliver this to boys but has limited availability. If this is of interest, please enquire as above. 

CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO READ Danni’s important cover feature on WHY we need to urgently educate our young people about relationship abuse here: When Love Hurts 

Recent testimonials for this session

“Dannielle captured the minds and hearts of my girls within a minute of her opening address where she immediately created a most beautiful, respectful and vulnerable, trusting relationship. She shares her story not as a trophy but a beautiful offering of resilience and courage. I watched. Not one student was left behind. Thank you Dannielle for showing us what it means to have the butterfly effect. You are an inspiration to young women who have so much to give to this world.”

Maryanne Chaiban
Year 10 Coordinator, Tara Anglican School for Girls

“Dannielle’s program “When Love Hurts” provides students with a very real and very honest conversation about teenage respectful relationships. Danni’s strength is in the way she connects with students on a personal level and in her ability to share stories that are impactful and resonate with young people. Our students were extremely grateful for the empowering messages she shared and felt better equipped to have a voice, support their peers and navigate the world of teenage relationships as a result.”

Kath Woolcock
Deputy Head of Senior School ‑ Student Wellbeing, Camberwell Girls Grammar

“I wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did in presenting this delicate subject matter… I have had lots of positive feedback about your session and the girls reported they gained important knowledge and felt empowered by the time spent with you. They were very grateful for the opportunity… keep doing what you are doing, our girls need you!”

Jody Cross
Head Teacher Student Wellbeing, Lithgow High School

“The way you delivered such serious and sensitive content was amazing; you even found a way to make it engaging even via zoom! The stories really resonated with me and made me feel less alone. I cannot thank you enough, you are truly changing the world for the next generation of women. Just amazing!”

Year 11 student (name supplied).

“OMG this was the best seminar I have ever experienced at school! Why weren’t we taught this stuff in year 7? Danni had a way of making us all feel safe, powerful and equipped to demand better!”

Year 12 student (name supplied).

“I had the absolute honour of participating in a session of ‘When Love Hurts’ run by Dannielle Miller for our senior female identifying students. The students admitted they were sceptical before the session, but I watched them become completely engaged and absorbed in the session. They left with increased confidence fuelled by concrete knowledge, facts and context to support what they had felt at an instinctive level before.
Danni presents not just with energy and humour, but with such genuine conviction, empathy and insight, that the messages are understood in an authentic and compelling way.  Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our students, we will be making Enlighten Ed a key plank in our wellbeing scope and sequence.”

Emma Le Marquand
Principal, Blaxland High

Click on the graphic here to listen to Love Hurts program creator and Enlighten CEO Danni Miller discuss this work with The School of Wellbeing’s Meg Durham. This is a must-listen for parents and educators ( and indeed for older teens!).