Sacha McCarthy


Tuesday was an absolutely amazing day for the girls (and their teachers). Thank you so very much for taking us joyfully and energetically through some ‘enlightening’ activities. We have done lots of de-briefing with the girls and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, as I’m sure it will state on your feedback forms. When asked what they most enjoyed or what they learned from the day, I was most pleased that a range of responses were given. Not only did the girls respond to you extremely positively, they felt the the pace of the day was perfect, that the music added much joy and that the activities were fun and important.

I had to resolve a friendship issue with two girls today and we were all using the steps in the ‘Respect Rules’ to help us to sort through the issue – THANK YOU! We now have a shared language and set of standards that we can work through in future friendship issues. There are other ways in which we are continuing the work of ‘The Butterfly Effect’. We are wearing our wrist bands, many girls have downloaded the app, we have been writing in our journals and we have been discussing the content raised on Tuesday. I have heard girls saying, “Stop! I don’t like it!” and although they were playing, the phrase and stance have been embedded.

Finally, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed reading through your blog. I have watched several Kerri-Anne clips and read through several postings. You raise a lot of interesting points. As a girl and a teacher of girls, I am very interested to hear what you have to say. I have also encouraged some parents to have a read.

Thank you for being an ambassador for girls. I very much hope that I get the opportunity to work with you again in the future as I found you very inspiring!

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