Larissa Hofman

Since attending Dannielle’s Enlighten Education Parent Information Session in March 2008, the lines of communication between myself and my 11-year old daughter have widened. Together, we are critically analysing everything aimed at young girls her age today via the media: clothes, music, videos, toys, IT, TV and movies and examining what is appropriate for her age in a whole new light. Our most important guideline is that whatever we are looking at, it must celebrate, cherish and support this precious time of her life.

As a relatively intelligent working mum, I thought I was up to date with marketing tactics aimed at 11-year-old girls . . . HOW WRONG I WAS!!! Thanks to Dannielle’s Parent Information Session, I am now truly ‘switched on’ to the marketing ploys and media brainwashing which try and change her into something she is not, and make her older before her time. Attending this course empowered me to stand up as a near lone voice to my daughter’s dance studio and refuse their demand that she wear false eyelashes when at eisteddfod’s.

It was an absolute privilege to attend the Parent Information Session and meet Dannielle. I cannot recommend this course enough and would urge any parent to attend the Enlighten Education Parent Information Session if the opportunity arises.

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