Jessica McKay, Year 10 Coordinator

I just wanted to leave a small note in regards to your Career Gal Workshop. Fran was very energetic and engaging, she very quickly changed the preconceived notions of the girls, who were ‘not in the mood for a boring careers talk’. This allowed for an environment of effective participation, sharing and honesty. Whilst the discussion did not branch into a breakdown of career options, I felt that dealing with the area of ‘careers’ through topics on self-esteem, positive affirmation, discovering if you are a right brain, left brain thinker or somewhere in the middle was a very effective and relatable approach. Focusing on identifying key skills that need to be developed over the next couple of years so that they can interview well for jobs and expand their employment opportunities was also very useful. Fran covered a range of areas that are a concern for young girls, such as body image and drew relevant connections to the workforce, which was both enlightening and empowering. The message that you are not limited in your options for a career was loud and clear and laid the foundation for the girls to think very carefully about the variety of career options they have. It also helped to nip in the bud a defeatist attitude prevalent in young girls who believe they are not capable of doing certain jobs. On behalf of Year 10 Mercy I would like to pass on my thanks and gratitude to Fran for an insightful, relatable and engaging workshop.

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