Jane Scott

Dannielle, I just wanted to say thanks for a great Parent Presentation you did at St Agatha’s the other day. I’m a mum of two little girls/primary school teacher and you reminded me to open my eyes to what my kids (and those I teach at school) see around them. I came home talking 100 words per min to my husband who listened with great interest and then went to work and discussed the topics with his work colleagues (dads with girls too)! I also had a great chat to my 8-year old about the posters she has up on her wall . . . We discussed who she looked up to and why and then chose who had the right to stay up on her wall and who was put in the bin (The Veronica’s went – Woo hoo!). Nice to see a company that makes a change to people’s lives. Thanks again, and good luck in all that you do!

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