Jane Dickie, Guidance Counsellor

This was a fantastic experience for the girls in our school. Four weeks after the event, at a Year-10 parent evening, parents were still commenting on how pleased they were that their daughters had this opportunity. Twenty-one days after the Enlighten Team were in our school the Year-10 group had a morning session; we focused this on Girl Caught and made a Wall of Fame and Wall of Shame. We also had cakes in the shape of butterflies to remind us to celebrate the beauty within us all. Throughout the year we will continue to carry on the themes discussed during the Enlighten program. Not only has this been helpful for Year 10 as a whole it has also given us ideas for working with girls higher up in the school. The saying ‘No girl gets left behind’ has been something we have discussed with Year 11-13. We have also highlighted to the girls as whole the influence of the media and being vigilant about the pressure and ideas they are trying to sell. You are a consumer and therefore have power by not buying magazines, etc., that portray women in a negative light.

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