Jacinda Euler, Head of Middle School

The program was extremely successful. While the girls enjoyed the day immensely and emerged from the final session feeling joyful, there could be no doubt that the serious underlying messages were also absorbed and their perspective was altered. They were clearly empowered by what they had learned and were committed to ‘hold on’ to the experience of the day. Danielle and her staff were exceptional facilitators genuinely inspiring. This year was a ‘dipping the toes in the water’ event for us and I look forward to working with Enlighten again next year. I also intend to plan for the event in such a way that we are able to do more follow-up with the girls in order to sustain them and what they have learned. The armbands, postcards and diaries have been very helpful in this regard. I would appreciate assistance in helping us to achieve more of this next year.
I felt exhausted just watching you but boy oh boy you were wonderful!

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