Annerie Kemp, Guidance Counsellor

The girls (and I) had a great time. Meredith kept the girls engaged really well whether it was through journal making, playing “up to date” music to create the right atmosphere or just learning how to de-stress and calm ourselves. What stood out for most of the girls was the workshop ‘Love The Skin You’re In’. Seeing that even gorgeous models get photo shopped was a big eye-opener. Before the workshop a pre workshop questionnaire asked if the girls felt confident and beautiful. A staggering 74% said no. After the workshop was presented the same question was asked and 75% of the girls remarked that they now feel confident and beautiful. I would highly recommend this workshop for all Colleges and even Intermediates. I hope to invite you back sometime as I already have more girls come in and ask when the next workshop will be. Many thanks Rachel and Meredith for helping us show our girls they are gorgeous the way they are.

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