Angela Cofini, Year 9 Co-ordinator

I wanted to give you some feedback on our Year 9 Program today and express my thanks to Enlighten Education and especially to our fantastic facilitator today – Rebecca Johnston.

To say it was amazingly beneficial, effective and timely is an understatement. It was all that and more.

Rebecca Johnston was a dynamic, engaging and delightful facilitator who managed to pitch the sessions so perfectly to our Year 9 girls. She told them at the very beginning that even though they did not know her at all, they would be “hugging it up” at the end of the day and she was so on point because that’s exactly what happened. The girls very willingly gave up their part of their lunch break so they could rush back in to complete the friendship task from session 1.

Rebecca had the girls absolutely hanging on her every word and she is a credit to your Enlighten Education team. We would love for her to come back to Danebank again in the near future and I think she would like that too!

Year 9 were so impressed by the program and really appreciated us running it for them. I have received only positive feedback from the girls and many expressions of gratefulness for the experience. Many girls asked if they could have it again next year.

I had a quick meeting with our Deputy-Pastoral Care at the end of the day and we certainly discussed running sessions for Years 7 through to 10.

Again on behalf of my Year 9 girls, I extend my sincerest thanks for a very worthwhile program today. A very positive day with an excellent response and outcome.

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