Teaching Resources ready to go – part 2!

I stumbled upon another great American site in my cyber – world travels this week that I think is worth sharing:


This organisation runs a number of really interesting initiatives. One is the “Love Your Body” campaign which is launched each year with a poster competition:

The grand prize winning poster will be used as part of a national campaign to challenge the media’s use of violent, drug-addicted, starved, surgically-enhanced images of women and to fight against industries that profit from women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies.”

 Some of the past winners have produced fabulous works of art; LOVE this year’s winner, What’s the measure of a woman?

I have saved a number of past winners (including one submitted by an Australian!) to my picture gallery but do check these out for yourself at their site. Better yet – you can forward those you like to girls and women you want to inspire as they are available to send as free E-cards!

Another fabulous resource the foundation offers is a downloadable PowerPoint presentation on the portrayal of women in advertising. This comes complete with separate facilitator notes. I have saved the presentation for you here as a PDF so you can take a quick look through; if you think it may be useful simply download the PPoint yourself from their site.


My Program Director for Victoria, Sonia Lyne, discovered the following PDF listing resources for students, teachers and parents that will support work on eating disorders and body image at the Tasmanian Eating Disorder Web Site : Resource list

And I also quite like the “Completely Gorgeous”site. There are some useful things here as well – including teaching notes. Found the GORGEOUS film had some really bright moments: http://www.completelygorgeous.com/vid.html.

I know Dove support The Body Think program in schools but I am so furious with Unilever’s hypocrisy that I just can’t go there. Unilever own Dove – great messages for women there. But they also own Lynx ( vile misogyny!), Slim Fast ( vile hypocrisy!), and run shameful ad’s promoting skin whitening in other countries. Check this one out for their Pond’s brand in India. SHAME!!!

Love to hear about any resources you have used to inform and enlighten!


5 thoughts on “Teaching Resources ready to go – part 2!

  1. Mariana O'Driscoll says:

    I have found this film clip in the past to be a useful tool in generating discussions on the stereotypes of women. I think Pink does a particulalry good job at parodying the images of women that are foregrounded in society …. and disspelling the myth that we all should grow up to be ‘stupid girls’.

    A useful conversation starter in the classroom, if nothing else.


  2. Sonia Lyne says:

    SCARY – The following link to an article states that The Dove Self-Esteem Fund has set a new goal to reach 5 million girls globally by 2010 with self-esteem building programming.


    You need to be whiter in order to get a guy = increased self esteem … mmmm … the sum doesn’t add up for me!

  3. Stephanie Slattery says:

    Hey Danni, I LOVE the posters (especially the winning one), it would be great to do something like that for Enlighten!!!

    By the way, the Pond’s ad really made me sick. What were they thinking??

  4. Milly Stiltz says:

    I have just started reading your blog. Great resources! My students will be happy working on them!
    Thanks for sharing!

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