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5 positive body image strategies for teen girls that work

Since 2003, Enlighten Education‘s in-school workshops for teen girls have been at the forefront of [...read more]

You know what? Girls are actually doing pretty well.

  The following guest post is by the wonderful Angela Mollard. Angela is a columnist, [...read more]

Reclaim The Night – 16 year old Lily speaks out about the on-line harassment of young women.

This week I am proud to have been given permission to publish an extract from [...read more]

Girls in Trouble in a Post-Feminist World

Parents, teachers and all of us at Enlighten Education know in our hearts that girls [...read more]

Making Sense of Twilight

There has been a kind of hysteria surrounding the Twilight series of late. With the [...read more]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I love my job and the girls that I work with. I feel blessed to [...read more]

Busting the myths of teen drinking

This week we learned some hard facts about teen drug and alcohol consumption when Western [...read more]

The Fear

Lily Allen’s song “The Fear” slams the vacuous world of celebrity as well as offering [...read more]

3 Tips for Teenage Girls

I stumbled upon this film made by “chubbygirl27” on Youtube. She starts by reviewing the [...read more]

Guiding the way…

This week I want to share extracts from “Teenage Mental health: girls shout out!”, the third [...read more]