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5 positive body image strategies for teen girls that work

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Want narcissistic children? Shower them with praise

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Constant over-praising is damaging our kids.

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Raising Girls – My recent work in the Illawarra region

The Illawarra Women’s Health Centre was the the charity recipient for this year’s Illawarra International [...read more]

Body image and self-esteem programs: What really works?

All school children should take part in compulsory body image and self-esteem lessons. This is [...read more]

Boy-band crushes and body image — the week that was

Last week was a big week in girlworld. Unless you were recently deposited back on [...read more]

Are we raising a generation of narcissists?

There are more narcissistic young people in this generation than ever before. That’s the finding [...read more]

Girls in Trouble in a Post-Feminist World

Parents, teachers and all of us at Enlighten Education know in our hearts that girls [...read more]

Model Obsession — Part 1: Body image

Huge numbers of girls dream of becoming a model. It really is almost an obsession. [...read more]

Making Sense of Twilight

There has been a kind of hysteria surrounding the Twilight series of late. With the [...read more]