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Sexting: the big picture.

On Thursday last week I attended the Sydney launch of Big Porn Inc, Exposing the [...read more]

Be alert about sexualising kids but don’t make boobs of ourselves.

This week I’d like to share a guest blog post written by Dr Karen Brooks. [...read more]

Wanted — more girl champions

Women hold up half the sky. — Chinese Proverb. Don’t you just love it when you [...read more]

Beyond Cyber Hysteria – Part 3: Dealing with more difficult truths

Please note: the blogging platform I use, Edublogs, filters out words like p*rn, hence the [...read more]

The Government’s New Body Image Policy

Late last year in this blog, I gave my assessment of the National Strategy on Body Image proposed [...read more]

Sticks and stones

Last week, I did a post sharing media I have been doing aimed at encouraging [...read more]

Things I am Loving

Often companies that do the wrong thing are given lots of free publicity by virtue [...read more]

To the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General Censorship Ministers.

I am proud to have put my signature to a statement signed by more than [...read more]

The Darker Side of Facebook

Facebook has become a positive part of many of our lives, but there is a [...read more]

Mags’ flawed obsession with body perfect

Guest blog post by Melinda Tankard Reist, a Canberra based author, speaker, commentator and advocate [...read more]