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Twattish prudes and Playboy bunnies: Just another day at the Diva Facebook page

Jewellery retailer Diva’s Facebook fan page continues to be a hotbed of (barely moderated) comments [...read more]

Just Speak Up – Getting Real About Post Natal Depression

This week I spoke publicly on what had until now been a very personal experience [...read more]

Taking the Blues out of Puberty: Part 1

I didn’t get my first period until I was 15 years old. I was the [...read more]

Eating Disorders and Primary School Children

Last week the Herald Sun reported that children as young as seven are being hospitalised [...read more]

Like mother, like daughter.

A recent UK survey found teenage girls are more than twice as likely to engage [...read more]

Material Girls

The current generation of children has been found to be the most brand-aware in history. [...read more]

Getting serious about outcomes for girls

This week I have been asked by the media to offer parents and educators suggestions of ways [...read more]

Mean Girls

Last week I was asked to discuss teen girl bullying with Kerri-Anne on her show. [...read more]