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“That skirt is sending out the wrong message” and 5 other things we should never say to girls ( Part 1).

I often find myself frustrated by much of the dialogue that surrounds teen girls as [...read more]

Leaky Ladies and Their Worrisome Wombs

This week’s post is an extract from Nina Funnell’s chapter in the recent feminist anthology, [...read more]

Destroying The Joint

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to “Destroying The Joint – Why Women [...read more]

All Women Hate Each Other

I was absolutely thrilled to have been asked to join the panel discussing the topic, [...read more]

High School, High Anxiety: How to support teens with anxiety disorders

Last week’s inspiring post by Jane Caro on overcoming an anxiety disorder struck a chord [...read more]

Amazing Grace: One woman’s story of overcoming anxiety

I am fortunate to regularly be a panelist on Channel 9’s Mornings with Jane Caro, self-described novelist (Just [...read more]