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Mind power – Using visualisations and affirmations

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Enlighten Education’s 10 steps for managing friendship fallouts

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5 positive body image strategies for teen girls that work

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Positive stories about teens rarely make headlines – here’s why that matters.

The Kids Are Alright Viewing the younger generation as either trouble or troubled is nothing [...read more]

Feminism, girls and the economy, the art of being alone: my week in the media.

I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to, and write, some really interesting pieces for various [...read more]

Girls’ Attitudes to harassment

Back in 2008 I shared the excellent GirlGuiding UK report on Teenage Mental Health: Guiding [...read more]

Generation Cleanskin: Part 2

In part 2 of Susan Johnson’s excellent investigative piece on teens and body image that [...read more]

Worshiping the Writing Muse

“I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotion.”   [...read more]