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The girls are having a moment

2023 – The Year of the Girl. From Gerwig’s Barbie, to T Swift’s Era’s tour. [...read more]

How do we talk to our teens (particularly our boys) about Andrew Tate?

I discussed how we can discuss Andrew Tate with our teens on radio 2GB with [...read more]

Mind power – Using visualisations and affirmations

As you think, so you are. As you imagine, so you become. Visualisation exercises aren’t [...read more]

Positive stories about teens rarely make headlines – here’s why that matters.

The Kids Are Alright Viewing the younger generation as either trouble or troubled is nothing [...read more]

Porn crackdown: It’s not an invasion of privacy. It’s parenting

Further to last week’s post on an alarming new type of lewd cyber scavenger hunt, [...read more]

So, what are you reading?

The talented author Rebecca Sparrow ( featured previously here and here) posted a video over [...read more]

How young men will help put an end to domestic violence

  The following post was originally published by RendezView 15/10/15.   Like most Australians, every [...read more]

I don’t believe self-defence training is “victim blaming”. And I’m a feminist.

I’m a proud feminist. And I’m the CEO of Australia’s largest provider of in-school workshops [...read more]

Parenting – My Top Tips

This month’s issue of Good Health magazine features insights with various parenting experts, including me! [...read more]

“Sprouting” a new internet safety concern you need to consider

I was pleased to have had the opportunity to provide a context for why young [...read more]