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“Pink is for girlie girls” – more things we should never say to girls.

Last week I shared three of the five things I, and the other noted Feminists [...read more]

Fictional Future Girls

  My first experience with dystopian fiction, with a genre of novels that explore a [...read more]

“To all my Facebook Friends: promise never, ever to assault women.”

The news that the body of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has been found has left [...read more]

Boy-band crushes and body image — the week that was

Last week was a big week in girlworld. Unless you were recently deposited back on [...read more]

Betraying Our Girlhood

I loved the post below by the talented Ms Clementine Ford so much that I [...read more]

We dare you to move

Ever noticed how much of the talk around the new year focuses on our appearance? [...read more]