Show and Tell

It’s been an exciting and busy week. Today I was in a photo shoot for The Weekend Australian. I feel incredibly honoured that they have chosen to include me in “The Next 100” leadership feature:

As a national newspaper with a commitment to Australian success we know that identifying and nurturing good leaders is an essential aspect of nation building…

Over the next three months we will name 100 of Australia’s young and emerging leaders — those who are set to make a substantial contribution to the nation over coming years.

The Next 100 series, which runs in The Weekend Australian Magazine, each week from April 4-5, identifies people who are setting agendas and inspiring others through their work and ideas.

The Australians on our list come from a range of backgrounds and exhibit different talents. But they share a high level of professional skill and offer innovative approaches to national challenges. They share too those essential qualities of leadership — an ability to come up with fresh directions and solutions, to articulate those changes and to make them happen.

Over 10 weeks we are profiling people representing 10 key areas of national life — Society, Sport, Wealth, Science, Culture, Earth, Learning, Health, Thinking and Innovation…

I will be profiled as a Leader in Learning. It’s humbling to be included in such a talented group of nominees, and inspiring to read about the work they are doing. If you haven’t already, it’s worthwhile to take the time to read about their backgrounds: Nominees – The Next 100.

I have also just launched my own website to profile my seminars for parents and teachers and my upcoming book: Love to hear your feedback.

And finally, I was really touched when young Western Australian poet Kate Wilson sent me the link to a YouTube clip of her performing a poem she wrote in Enlighten’s honour. Isn’t she terrific?

5 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Sonia says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Danni!! You have created something that is truly needed and special AND … you deserve this recognition as you are INSPIRATIONAL. XO

  2. Francesca says:

    This is just fantastic Danni. Congratulations! This acknowledgement is so well deserved. I just love Enlighten and how it inspires creativity, change and challenges ideas. It brings me such joy and meaning to be part of the Enlighten world. You are inspiring and amazing!

    A quick shout out to Kate too….love your work Kate, thank you for adressing such a current, relevant and important issue with such passion, flair and creativity.

  3. Sarah Casey says:


    Congratulations! Huge honour, but a well-deserved one, too!
    Keep it coming, I say! Love your work!

    Thanks, cheers,


  4. Kate says:

    Thanks so much for posting my vid, Danni! I’m honoured 🙂
    And cheers Francesca for your comment. Girl power!!

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