Shortlisted in International Awards – Best New Blog!


As a brand new blogger, I am thrilled at being shortlisted for the international 2007 Edublogger Awards, Best New Blog! The list of finalists is most impressive – they offer powerful insights into education and learning. Do check them all out – and vote for us ;)! Just click on Best New Blogenlighten education.

Voting: The Edublog Awards 2007.   

Why did we decide to blog? It was our intention when we first set up “The Butterfly Effect” (enlighten education) to provide a tool that would support and inspire parents and educators who care for girls. We wanted to celebrate our work, provide links, videos, images, references, articles of interest – conversation starters. We elicited the help of award winning blogger Judy O’Connell to help with with the initial set up; she did a terrific job. It has all just been a thrill and oh so addictive!

What I had not anticipated was the fact that apart from allowing you to share, blogging introduces you to amazing people you may never have met had you not had a chance to explore each other’s ideas and mutual passions on line. Loved “meeting” Leah from All for Women and the gorgeous, shiny Jane Manning who is working on what will prove to be a brilliant SBS documentary -About Women:

In a ‘post-feminist’ environment, what have the struggles of ‘Women’s Lib’ of the 1960s and ‘70s delivered to today’s women? Has ‘Feminism’ made their lives better or just more complicated? With different opportunities come different challenges, so how are women coping in the contemporary world?

As a companion series to the groundbreaking About Men, the three episodes chart women’s major life stages from youth to old age. Our characters’ compelling stories of development, achievement, conflict, maturation and wisdom express the powerful themes underpinning this timely series. We meet these girls and women at pivotal times in their lives, as they come to terms with their identity, sexuality and relationships. Their stories are moving, funny, often surprising and informative. Each episode includes moments of insight, transformation, diversity of experience, emotional intensity and revelation.”

Jane read about our work through this blog and came to see us present to the DIVINE girls at Santa Sabina College earlier this week as part of her research for the series. Jane just loved the day and feels, as we do, that despite the many issues they face and the increasingly more complex lives they lead, teen girls are simply beautiful and worth celebrating.

Stay tuned to our blog – we will continue to transform and connect :).

7 thoughts on “Shortlisted in International Awards – Best New Blog!

  1. Jane Higgins says:

    Oh how exciting!!! Congrats again Danni. This is certainly your year!! It is a wonderful Blog – full of great reading and links (I personally love the videos and the posts and the …. ok everything!!) Great honor to be nominated and to share the ideas! May you and the Blog continue to shine

  2. Quentin Rendell says:

    Thanks for sharing the information about this website. Even for a man, this is fascinating and enlightening reading. I especially love the Dear Body letters – what a unique and interesting tool to use for many people. I shall return…

    Quentin 🙂

  3. Judy O'Connell says:

    Congrats Danni! What a great achievement for you – added to all the other great achievements this year. You’re a champion and model for us all. Good luck and big smiles and hugs for your ongoing adventures 🙂

  4. Sonia Lyne says:

    CONGRATULATIONS … and so well deserved. You are correct in saying it is addictive. It is wonderful reading your inspiring entries each week. I have numerous friends, family and colleagues who email me commenting on your articles and they speak about eagerly anticipating the next post. I am compelled every time I read an entry to reply … you are an amazing writer and an inspiration to all. This blog is truly a gift for all who read it. As I spread the enlighten word across Victoria, your blog is spreading across the world … YOU GO GIRL!!!

  5. Danni Miller says:

    Gee Son – thanks! Don’t know that I am an amazing writer – I am certainly no professional – but I do write with passion and hopefully that is reflected in my posts. 😉

  6. Donelle says:

    Wow! The enlighten team is certainly on a roll this year! Good luck with the awards. I’ve put my vote in already! This is such a great blog for providing invaluable information for anyone who cares about girls, and the women they’ll become. The fact that this information is shared around the world thanks to this blog, is fantastic.

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