I am a HUGE fan of Postsecret. I am not sure if you know about this community art project but an American man started leaving random notes asking strangers to send him a postcard sharing their secrets with him.

It started a phenomena and is ongoing. Selected cards have been turned into beautiful books and his web site posts some of the many hundreds of cards he receives from around the world each week.

I love this Youtube clip that features some really uplifting Postcards…many deal with beauty, friendship and the relationship between mothers and their daughters.



6 thoughts on “Postsecret

  1. Storm Greenhill-Brown says:

    Oh how i love this concept too! Reading these do make me feel more connected to the world, to total strangers, to the people i love and it does give me hope that there is great joy, compassion and love in the world. Words are so powerful and can be so joyous. I love the guy who feels sorry for the bent baked beans can. My mum is the same-she re-dresses my old dolls and teddies to match the seasons in case they get hot or cold! You’ve got to love emotions-feeling is breathing to me….

  2. Sonia Lyne says:

    I have tears rolling down my cheeks … that was an absolute joy to watch!!! What a refreshing post – thanks Danni! I can’t imagine anyone not feeling moved by this.

  3. Trish says:

    very inspiring video -thanks for sharing Danni. I like your website as the mother of a teenage boy – it might give me insight into teenage girls and I also have a few nieces.
    I enjoy postsecret too – though there are also some very sad and twisted ones on the site.

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