The statements below are provided by some of the many educators, parents and experts in adolescent mental health who support our work. To read samples of the amazing testimonials we receive from the girls we have worked with, please see the student feedback provided under each program description.

Educator’s Testimonials

Our teenagers need to know how to be self-reliant and resilient. The Enlighten programs are fostering these skills and having a profoundly positive effect on young women. They are meeting a real need in schools by creating unique, transformative experiences for students. The programs are based on transformational psychology and highlight the value of uniqueness, relatedness and transcendence. Students are introduced to a variety of self-regulation procedures such as visualisation and short relaxation techniques, factors enhancing mental and emotional characteristics are described, and strategies for enhancing personal wellbeing are employed. Programs, like this one, that focus not only on transformation of the individual but also provide an affirming collective experience, have the capacity to really change culture. There is good evidence that we need to be warmer, more nurturing but firmer with our teenagers. I like the fact that Enlighten manages to connect in such creative ways with young women and make them feel safe, valued and loved.

Author (with Dr Leanne Rowe) of “What to do when your children turn into teenagers”

Associate Professor David Bennett AO Head, NSW Centre for the Advancement of Adolescent Health / The Children's Hospital at Westmead

I would have to agree that the day was a huge success thanks to you wonderful presenter, Nikki Davis. She was amazing and I mean absolutely amazing, she was able to relate extremely well to our girls (who can be very tough sometimes to break through to). I would recommend your program to any school that would like to run girl programs like we have tried to run each year. Again, it was an amazing day and I think our young ladies will take a lot out of yesterday and store it away to use whenever the need arises. I am so glad I found you, the universe sent me a wonderful gift.

Danni Miller – keep sparkling. You make a BIG, BIG


Dannielle Miller is one of Australia’s leading girl champions. She is a wise, passionate voice for girls and her business Enlighten Education continues to grow every year bringing quality information and hope that helps girls become the best expression of themselves.

Dannielle Miller is the best girls’ educator and advocate in the country. Her advice is always wise, well-researched, and empowering. Frankly, her in-school programs and workshops are life-changing. I cannot recommend her work more highly.

What a great day the girls had! They had negative thoughts before it even began but as soon as they walked in the door their mood quickly changed into a positive one and it never wavered from that point. An extremely positive, vibrant, motivating and uplifting day.

I just think the facilitators make this program what it is. Storm is so great at captivating a room and is able to use her many strengths to bring a valuable and lasting message to young girls. The team has a way of connecting with a diverse range of girls. They make adjustments to cater for the students they present to and although professional, connect on a personal level. I can’t speak highly enough of this program and the facilitators.

The program was PHENOMENAL!!! The girls immediately engaged with Storm and Lou. Each of the sessions targeted key issues that our girls are facing. We will definitely be getting Enlighten Education back in the future. This program is life-changing for these girls. It allows them to face real issues in a relaxed environment. Cannot wait for another program!

This was an excellent day with the girls talking about it all the next day, teachers saying how good it was, as well as parents phoning to commend the school on having such an afternoon. Well done!

Thank you Storm and your team for yesterday. I had been looking forward to witnessing an Enlighten presentation for some time, since reading and hearing such positive things about the organization and you did not disappoint! I hope that we will see you again here at BGGS and that yesterday was the first of many stimulating conversations we might have around such important issues.

An engaging, worthwhile program that gets girls thinking about themselves and their friendships in a positive manner.  They walk away with an empowered feeling and strategies to use.  Highly recommend.

An effective day that was run with great positivity and a wealth of experience. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was a great way to commence their high school transition.

Chloe was a fabulous presenter who connected with the girls straight away. The girls loved the day and got so much out of every session.  Thank you!

The girls had a fabulous day with Francesca today; she had them all eating out of the palm of her hand!  The activities were beautifully pitched at their level, and dealt with issues they are facing, or will face in the next few months with their move to secondary school.  The program is a perfect complement to our CGGS pastoral care program.

A truly amazing presentation! So inspiring and so pertinent to our students.  Best presentation I’ve been a part of in 20 years of teaching!  Love your work Gorgeous. Thank you.

Absolutely fabulous day! Our girls had an absolute ball and are still buzzing about it two weeks later! We can’t wait to have Enlighten Education back out to Molong Central School.

We could not have been happier with The Butterfly Effect. Nikki was such a great presenter – connected so well with the girls by sharing stories. She was respectful and calm in managing the group. A large number of the girls were wearing the bracelet in the weeks after the event.

Chloe was a fantastic presenter and the girls could really relate to the different scenarios she presented. I have had such positive feedback from the students in my year group following this seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed the day myself too. I thought the activities that the girls took part in were very enjoyable and useful. I particularly liked the positive diary that they had to make for themselves – I thought this was a wonderful idea! Thank you for a lovely day.

I wanted to give you some feedback on our Year 9 Program today and express my thanks to Enlighten Education and especially to our fantastic facilitator today – Rebecca Johnston.

To say it was amazingly beneficial, effective and timely is an understatement. It was all that and more.

Rebecca Johnston was a dynamic, engaging and delightful facilitator who managed to pitch the sessions so perfectly to our Year 9 girls. She told them at the very beginning that even though they did not know her at all, they would be “hugging it up” at the end of the day and she was so on point because that’s exactly what happened. The girls very willingly gave up their part of their lunch break so they could rush back in to complete the friendship task from session 1.

Rebecca had the girls absolutely hanging on her every word and she is a credit to your Enlighten Education team. We would love for her to come back to Danebank again in the near future and I think she would like that too!

Year 9 were so impressed by the program and really appreciated us running it for them. I have received only positive feedback from the girls and many expressions of gratefulness for the experience. Many girls asked if they could have it again next year.

I had a quick meeting with our Deputy-Pastoral Care at the end of the day and we certainly discussed running sessions for Years 7 through to 10.

Again on behalf of my Year 9 girls, I extend my sincerest thanks for a very worthwhile program today. A very positive day with an excellent response and outcome.

As a parent and Year Advisor of the participants in this program I would like to congratulate the team from Enlighten Education. Everyone found the day a valuable and worthwhile experience. The sessions gave the girls skills to better cope in situations they may find stressful. Their confidence and self-esteem was increased dramatically. The day was very positive and will go a long way to helping girls feel “gorgeous” in their own skins, despite the media telling them differently.

Thank you.

Dannielle Miller is a dynamic, inspiring and empathetic presenter who our students relate well to. Danni’s exceptional ability to convey important messages on healthy body image, personal safety, managing stress and resolving conflict with friends is validated by the positive testimonials by our students. We continue using the Enlighten Education Program because our students are educated in a fun way that helps them to remember the concepts presented throughout the day.

Parents have phoned the school in praise of the Pastoral Day where Francesca from Enlighten Education spoke to the Year 10 girls about staying positive, being confident in themselves and how to look after themselves when faced with a difficult situation. All girls found the day fun, informative and enjoyable. Francesca was very motivating and encouraging. Thank you.

Enlighten provided the most successful presentation relating to Pastoral Care in our school in 2010. Dannielle’s understanding of the issues that influence self esteem and behaviour in teenage girls is evident. Even more importantly, many of our girls have commented on the way that Dannielle’s message has begun to influence their everyday attitude towards body image and the objectification of women in the media. St Clare’s will certainly integrate ‘The Butterfly Effect’ into our Pastoral Care program in the future.

Just wanted to pass on to your company what a wonderful afternoon our Year 7-9 girls have just experienced. Your presenter Nikki was just terrific and she had the girls eating out of her hands! The content was spot on and the girls certainly left on a real high. It was a pleasure reading the feedback sheets and we look forward to working with your company again.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the day, and I believe they took a lot away with them. The topics covered on the day were very relevant to the girls and where they are in their lives. Dannielle knew her material and knew how to reach out to the girls in a way that made them want to listen and change and take on board the messages she presented to them. The information night presented to parents was informative and the parents came away enlightened and with positive strategies on how to deal with their teenage girls. Parents were very grateful for the opportunity to listen to Dannielle.

We will definitely invite Enlighten Education to work with our students again and hope we will have the opportunity for Dannielle to present to our parents again in the future.

The girls had the best day (and so did Susie and myself!!) Your presenter was spot on and fully engaged our most difficult girls… Thanks so much for a fun, exciting and useful day!

The girls responded extremely positively to both Nikki and the information that she presented them with. They are still talking about it and it has helped them to reassess some of the important issues regarding being happy, healthy young women. Thank you.

It was a great day and when asked the girls respond with enthusiasm this far down the line (2 weeks). Many of our students live so much in the moment that they move on within days so ‘The Journey’ day definitely had an impact.

The day was responded to well by the students involved. The presenter oozed positivity and this was reflected in the girls’ involvement in the activities.

This was a wonderful day for our students. The feedback given to us indicated that they now feel much more confident about the transition to secondary school and they feel equipped with the skills necessary to face any difficulties. Thanks for a great day.

Rachel set a great scene and her enthusiasm was infectious. The girls loved her and she was real. I enjoyed being part of the day and have reignited my passion for girls issues particularly around body image. We are sooo much more than a number, eg. weight, body measurement, dress size, etc.

Thank you very much for providing such an inspirational day for our girls. The girls are still talking about the day and are very motivated to continue a ‘sisterhood’ group in the school. The girls have had positive comments and some have demonstrated changes in their own thinking. You were well informed and had the girls engaged from the start. Again thank you and we look forward to seeing you next year!!

Thank you very much for the great day the girls had. Loved the way delicate issues were presented in a non-threatening way… I will definitely recommend it to other schools.

It was a great day; the girls and staff have not stopped talking about how well Dannielle and Mel presented Enlighten Education. It was great to see the girls get so involved and emotional during some of the sessions. It really did have an impact on my year group of girls. It was a fantastic day and I am glad I have given my girls this positive experience which they can now take with them in their journey of life and realise that no matter what they look like or feel about themselves, everyone does have an Amazon inside of them.

The programs the Enlighten team run in schools offer a powerful alternative to the mixed messages about self that impressionable young women are currently being bombarded with. We live in a world where there is an unhealthy focus on perfection and where unrealistic images of beauty are presented as the norm; workshops like these inform, inspire and develop resilience. I especially like the introduction of practical tools like positive visualisation and the use of powerful affirmations. I would encourage schools to be proactive and make programs like these a priority.

It was great to see the workshops so obviously touched a lot of the girls. The messages on offer were powerful and relevant.

You both helped us to shape a unique program for our girls and we appreciated the extra steps you took to tailor the program to our needs . . . We appreciated the opportunity to work with a team who understood the nature of schools. Your program was filled with positive energy and a sense of friendship towards the girls . . . I look forward to working with you again soon.

We were thrilled with the way our girls reacted to the Enlighten seminar. They were raving about it for days afterwards. They felt very positive and empowered after the seminar. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much for yesterday. It was a HUGE success . . . Danni and Mel provided Tara and our girls with an empowering day and your professionalism and warmth was awesome! I personally sincerely thank you and thoroughly enjoyed working with you. I would love to do it all over again.

The program was extremely successful. While the girls enjoyed the day immensely and emerged from the final session feeling joyful, there could be no doubt that the serious underlying messages were also absorbed and their perspective was altered. They were clearly empowered by what they had learned and were committed to ‘hold on’ to the experience of the day. Danielle and her staff were exceptional facilitators genuinely inspiring. This year was a ‘dipping the toes in the water’ event for us and I look forward to working with Enlighten again next year. I also intend to plan for the event in such a way that we are able to do more follow-up with the girls in order to sustain them and what they have learned. The armbands, postcards and diaries have been very helpful in this regard. I would appreciate assistance in helping us to achieve more of this next year.
I felt exhausted just watching you but boy oh boy you were wonderful!

Enlighten Education as always entertained, informed and captivated not only our girls but also the teaching staff. It is refreshing to have such dynamic and professional people come into our school and reinvigorate our interest in the development of our students as people and not just academic candidates.

I think the girls really enjoyed the passion and sincerity they could see in the presenters. Many were inspired. The presentations were creatively presented and pitched at the right level . . .

We would love to make this a yearly part of our school’s experience. A wonderful staff and excellent opportunity for our girls. Thank you so much!

The day was not only informative but a lot of fun as well.
The feedback from the girls was extremely positive and I am sure the day will have a lasting impact on them.

An outstanding session. Great response from our students, some of whom are hard to get through to. Thank you so much.

The response from our Year 9 and 10 girls was amazing – the best I have witnessed to any program in recent years. We look forward to you being involved with the College again in 2008.

I have had lots of girls look up Enlighten on the internet as they can’t wait to find out what other programs they might do next year!
The girls simply can’t wait for more!

Dannielle performs magic! She is a fairy godmother to all those sleeping beauties sitting in classrooms and in playgrounds. She takes the girls on an inner journey of self-discovery in a very short time. One very magical day filled with sparkle and glitter. Dannielle’s gentle and loving touch coupled with her insights and expertise allowed each girl to soar to new heights. I love what Enlighten Education did for the girls. It’s amazing. It fits all girls’ needs perfectly. Enlighten Education is the most valuable educational workshop I have EVER used.

(The Journey program) was a perfect way to begin the first day of Year 7, providing a wonderfully warm and friendly, non-threatening transition to the Senior School. The whole year participating in the same program, sharing the same experiences, being provoked to think about this stage in their lives and education, to hear from one another for the first time, realise their fears are shared by their peers, and importantly to create a sense of year group cohesion as they learn to value one another, has created a great launching pad for their journey through Year 7!

Dannielle connected immediately with the girls. She was quick to establish a positive, assertive relationship which gave the girls permission to speak their minds but also know the boundaries. The safety tips were most appropriate for this age group and handled well in a very age-appropriate, sensitive manner. We all enjoyed the powerful messages that Dannielle so passionately expresses. Many thanks!

I had a read of the feedback, and it made my day. I have to say I’ve never seen our students react so positively to ANYTHING before. You and Nikki made a huge impact on all of the girls. I thank you so much for making a big difference in the girls’ lives. Take care and I hope to see you back here again next year.

The girls felt they were being listened to and that they related to the presenter.

The girls opened up and felt that they could express how they were feeling.

I was very pleased with how everything went. The girls participated very well and enjoyed the day immensely.

An outstanding program – professional and engaging! The day was underpinned by quality learning theory – engaging multiple intelligences, VAK types of learners and the sharing of stories.

Thank you so much for your amazing workshops on Thursday. I’ve read the feedback, and it just supports what the girls had already told me on Friday. They absolutely loved it, and so did I. I think there are so many powerful messages that they get out of it and you present it in just the right way which really gets through to them. I hope to see you back here again soon!

I read the girls’ responses from the day with great delight Sonia. You have done well, I don’t think I can remember such an overwhelmingly positive response to a workshop before! Congratulations.

From my first dealings with Enlighten I was delighted at the flexibility, professionalism and courtesy that I was shown.

Dannielle is an excellent presenter and facilitator and it was inspiring to watch her with our girls. Personally my dealings with Enlighten have changed my perspective on life. I first saw Dannielle after she had done a workshop with my daughter. She spoke such sense and with such passion. I fully believe that every young girl needs to experience the enlighten workshops, they are so relevant in today’s society.

Thank you for giving us that experience.

Many thanks – Francesca was fantastic with the girls. They were EMPOWERED!

The students really benefited from the day and the comments from the girls have been wonderful. Students who have struggled with confidence were happy and excited when leaving. One parent, whose child has struggled with bullying and self-esteem, told me that her daughter didn’t stop to draw breath for 20 minutes after getting home. She was so excited to learn all that Dannielle shared with her.

Thank you for the changes you have made in my students’ view of themselves.

Enlighten Education was a fantastic event. I can’t believe that they successfully engaged 200 girls for a whole day, even though we had many unusual disruptions. A first-class job, I was really impressed. The feedback from the other staff on the day was, ‘You should feel the buzz out there, our girls are really enjoying it!’ The students have asked for Gorgeous (Danni) and Spunky (Sonia) to return.

All schools should provide the opportunity for their Year-9 girls to experience this program – those that choose not to are doing their girls a disservice. This college went into the program unsure of what to expect it took a few minutes to realise that Storm and staff could do more in one day than we ‘ordinary’ staff could achieve in a year. I strongly recommend Enlighten Education to all.

Storm and Lou – you’re positive and vibrant! Great role models!

It’s great to be able to have a common language to talk to our girls about their issues. I love the ‘words are powerful and magical’ message and will use that as our Year-8 girls’ anthem!! I really enjoyed being able to spend this time with our girls, thank you.

From the sessions I observed and from the follow-up discussion with the girls, I feel this was an excellent program to be involved with. The presenters were passionate, engaging and appealing, and their relevant yet down-to-earth approach enabled a fantastic impact at both year levels. The girls’ feedback says it all!

An outstanding event! The girls took a great deal of information away from the day.

It was very well structured and most relevant. Excellent resources and outstanding presenters.

I had the pleasure of seeing an up to date, relevant, fun, engaging and motivating program. The girls were engaged and into the whole day which is saying something. I gained a great refreshing way of interacting with my girls in the boarding house that I will be able to use immediately and every day, how great is that!

You women rock, keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing it all again sometime!

This was a fantastic experience for the girls in our school. Four weeks after the event, at a Year-10 parent evening, parents were still commenting on how pleased they were that their daughters had this opportunity. Twenty-one days after the Enlighten Team were in our school the Year-10 group had a morning session; we focused this on Girl Caught and made a Wall of Fame and Wall of Shame. We also had cakes in the shape of butterflies to remind us to celebrate the beauty within us all. Throughout the year we will continue to carry on the themes discussed during the Enlighten program. Not only has this been helpful for Year 10 as a whole it has also given us ideas for working with girls higher up in the school. The saying ‘No girl gets left behind’ has been something we have discussed with Year 11-13. We have also highlighted to the girls as whole the influence of the media and being vigilant about the pressure and ideas they are trying to sell. You are a consumer and therefore have power by not buying magazines, etc., that portray women in a negative light.

The girls responded so positively to every aspect of the ‘Enlighten’ day. It provided them with a great opportunity to be able to reflect on the major issues they will confront in their journey through high school. They hear similar things from their mentor teachers and in the pastoral programs provided at school, but having the program facilitated by competent and engaging facilitators from outside their daily circle of teachers has a much more lasting effect on them! Thank you so much they will be talking about this day for a long time to come yet!

Danni and Fran were professional and so relevant to our students in relation to the challenges that they face. There was positive feedback from both parents and students. The last session dealing with images in media was particularly powerful. We are interested in running this program in the future – thank you.

The content of the program was extremely relevant and Nikki was a wonderful facilitator!! Our students enjoyed the program very much and were interested and engaged all throughout. Student feedback was positive and we do hope to run the program again so that more students may benefit.

All of our Year 10 students found the day to be enriching and insightful. Many girls are still talking about the day and the key messages that they learnt. They found the workshops meaningful and relevant as well as high energy and fun. There was certainly a great momentum about the day all the activities interlinked and the summary at the end of the day was powerful. Dannielle’s personal story enabled girls to also validate their own ‘story’ this was a great platform for great things to happen over the course of the day. Thanks again to Danni and Fran a very powerful and meaningful day for students as well as staff.

This was the most successful program I have ever run at the school as Girls Advisor! I have had fantastic feedback from all the girls and many lovely emails from parents thanking me and the school for running such an empowering program!

I just want you to pass on my thanks to Dannielle for an outstanding day today at Arden. I felt blessed to have been a part of such an empowering day for our girls. Dannielle engaged the girls from the start to the end of the day. The girls learned so much during the day that they can use throughout their lives. I wish that my own daughters could have had an opportunity to have been involved in a powerful day like this when they had been teenagers. Many of the students have given me such positive feedback about all of the sessions. Dannielle is an intelligent, warm, enthusiastic person who has great energy and passion for the education of girls. I am determined to have these sessions regularly at Arden in the future.Thank you.

Thank-you Kelly. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. After reading the evaluations and speaking to the students they obviously gained so much from them. Kelly was an excellent facilitator and the students responded well to her bubbly personality. Kelly was thoroughly professional in her dealings with the school and the students. We would warmly welcome her back in the school in the future to take more sessions. This was definitely a highlight of the term for the Year 10 girls.

I would like to thank the Enlighten Team and especially Nikki. The day was absolutely wonderful and the girls had a great time. Nikki was able to share so much information and personal experience. The girls were engaged from 9am-3pm which was amazing. I was impressed that Enlighten did their own evaluation and I received the information back the very next day. The girls thought that it was wonderful that they got to take resources home with them. I would like to run the program again but think that it would be great in term 1 to start the school year. I would highly recommend this program to all schools.

The girls in our Yr’s 5 and 6 classes were really engaged and connected. The personal style of the presentation really resonated with them. They still refer to the things they learnt on the day so they are applying them in their everyday lives. I’m glad we had the opportunity to have the Enlighten team talk to our girls before they go on to face the particular girl pressures of High School. Hopefully this day will better equip them for that journey.

From the sessions I was present for I really feel that the girls took away so much beneficial information and positive feelings from the day. They were always engaged and responded so well to the ideas and information being presented to them. I could see that they felt so comfortable with Fran and could relate to the issues being raised. It was amazing to see so many little light bulbs go on in the girls’ heads when different things were being spoken about. They were able to see how amazing they each are and hopefully remember to respect themselves and each other! The day was inspiring! I feel I took so much from the day as well!

I think the day was fantastic! It was very valuable to the girls who gained so much from the day. Sonia’s energy and enthusiasm really hit a cord with the group. They leant some vital skills and information about body image, self confidence and valuing who you are.Excellent!! Even the following week, some of the students were saying that they were still on a high and others were saying that they do the affirmations and positive self talk.

I thought the day was a wonderful experience for our year 9 girls. They were interested in each workshop and Sonia’s positive demeanor had a huge impact on the girls. They learnt important information about staying safe, standing up for themselves and how to further appreciate / value who they are. Even now, the girls are still talking about their experience from the day, showing that they really valued those workshops. Sonia was able to very quickly gain the trust of the girls and they just loved her!! They also provided ample detail on their self reflections which were all very positive. I can not speak highly enough about the program. Thank you so much.

We were delighted with the Butterfly Effect workshop. Nikki Davis connected with the girls really well and enabled them to relate to her through personal photos and stories. We would definitely look at running another event with Enlighten in the future.

Dannielle recently attended our CanTeen weekend, Girl Aloud, which is a program designed to meet the needs of young women living with cancer in NSW. Dannielle ran two of her workshops for the girls free of charge and the feedback has been startling. Not only were the sessions full of energy and enthusiasm, they were also delivering a vital message to the girls. The feedback that we received told us that the sessions really created a sense of camaraderie amongst the girls and they saw this as a huge opportunity to recognise their values as a group but also as individuals.
The weekend wouldn’t have been such a success without these workshops. They were the perfect springboard to take the program to another level and for us to talk honestly about the challenges of being women in 2009. The young people were engaged throughout the sessions and the gifts that Dannielle presented to the girls were fantastic. However, the greatest gift they received was time spent with Dannielle; she took the time to talk with everyone individually and enabled the girls to truly empower themselves.
Having worked with so many facilitators in 11 years in youth work, I feel that I have seen some great presenters and great workshops. But, being honest, I haven’t ever seen a group of young people so engaged over a three-hour period. Many thanks again to Enlighten Education for all they have done with these young women. The opportunity to have the time with you was the best decision we could have made for the wellbeing of our fantastic young people.

The workshops provided where delivered with professionalism and passion. Sonia demonstrated the traits she was encouraging within her own story and in her dealings with the girls at all times. Sonia’s group management was a credit to her experience but also to her genuine appreciation for young girls and their value and uniqueness. This group of girls arrived very skeptical and somewhat reluctantly and left buzzing, enthusiastic and pleasantly surprised and encouraged, as was very evident in the feedback forms. The content of the workshops was up-to-date, relevant and fun as well as informative.

Thanks for an excellent day. This was a highly valuable experience for the girls and it helped allay fears about the move to secondary school.

Despite the weather, the day was such a positive experience for our students. It was a delight seeing the girls enjoying the day so much. They especially responded well to the last activity of the day involving positive affirmation of their peers, which I think was a most valuable bonding experience for them. I certainly hope to be able to offer this program next year. Thank you for a wonderful day.

The Butterfly Effect was a fantastic event to hold for teenage girls. The methods by which the messages were delivered were directly relevant to the girls, making them extremely effective. The issues raised were all pertinent issues that had been identified throughout the year by the welfare team at the school, so it was great to see them addressed. The girls related well to Dannielle and really appreciated her honesty and ability to reveal herself. A fantastic program. Well done and thank you.

The girls were so engaged by Nikki’s brilliant facilitation. The teachers were all amazed at one person managing 90 children and keeping them enthralled all day. Both schools were thrilled with the content and really pleased to see the girls exposed to ideas of self esteem and critical thinking as well as ways to manage friendships. The teachers are planning to follow up the Enlighten Challenge and stay connected to the themes that resonated with the girls.

Thank you for an awesome day! It is great to celebrate being a girl! (Even if I am grown up!) My student’s left the day feeling positive about themselves and with a greater appreciation of their girlfriends. I have had the opportunity to follow up and spend an extra day with my girls where we discussed the things we learnt and were able to build on the activities using scenarios, role plays and artworks. Most of the students were able to articulate the main aspects of what Nikki had spoken to us about. Well Done!!!

Just spent the evening with Danni Miller – she had her audience in the palm of her hand and again delivered her powerful message about girls and the opportunities and life experiences we present them. We are blessed to have around us people who can make a difference, who take the time to care, to be involved, to take up the challenge. I knew in Danni, and in the program that her team have created, that we would have a winner. Thank you, Princess of Power.

An excellent day with the girls talking about it all the next day, teachers saying how good it was as well as parents phoning to commend the school on having such an afternoon. Well done!

The girls from Year 8 loved ‘The Butterfly Effect’ and it has definitely had a lasting impact on them. Our school has had feedback from the parents to say what a difference it has made to their daughter’s attitude to things at home and teachers were positive about the program.I would definitely be interested in running a program for our girls in the future. Thank you.

A very valuable program for our girls. We especially loved their comments and their feedback. Professional presentation. Fran gave so much of herself, which makes it so real and interesting for the girls. As you know we are continuing on with our Girl’s Program, as we think it is important to focus on these girls at this time of their lives, with weekly practical workshops, culminating in a Mother Daughter Dinner at the end which will involve all female staff. The program was so well received, we are planning on running it every two years. Thank you so much for your excellent presentation.

Powerful and relevant workshops that inspired and enriched our young women’s lives. Highly recommend to all schools who value building strong relationships and self-esteem in their girls.

It was a great day! The girls loved the chance to relax, learn and just simply be a girl again. The presenter was fabulous – she knew her content and shared it in a relevant, fun and engaging way.

It was a fantastic programme delivered in a relaxed, interesting way. The students took on board the information given and some made an effort to change some of their negative behaviours. I would recommend this programme for other schools and would love to do this again next year.

Having a follow up session at the right time enabled the girls to reassess who they are and what is important to them. To be happy with who they are and know that they can work it out together and to look out for each other. A BIG THANK YOU TO NIKKI.

What a wonderful program for our girls! I know they will remember the experience many times during the futures they will all face…..with your expert advice and strategies I am confident all of them will be so much stronger and more ready for the challenges ahead. You allowed the girls (and teachers) the chance to learn, reflect, accept and be prepared. Dannielle, you were inspiring, dynamic and so appropriate for the girls and they had a really special day..
Thank you for making it possible

I was absolutely blown away today watching Dannielle Miller of Enlighten Education and ‘Educator of the Year,’ present to year 8 girls at Tara Anglican School. Danni is truly the teenage girl whisperer – I have never seen a group of teens respond to any educator the way they did with Danni! Thanks for all your awesome…work, fostering girls’ self-esteem, media literacy and interpersonal communication skills. Much love x

A really fantastic program which is of immense value to the students – highly recommended.

Great program as usual. Fantastic to see ordinarily shy girls relaxing and writing such positive comments.
They are still talking about the session.

The Butterfly Effect Workshop was a dynamic, relevant and quality program tailored to meet the needs of students at our school. All students were engaged in the program throughout the entire day and captivated by our vibrant presenter Nikki….she had the girls eating out of the palm of her hand!! I would have absolutely no hesitation in organising an event with Enlighten again or recommending the program to other schools.

The girls were fully engrossed and involved in the program. It was positive and targeted exactly where the girls were at and what they needed to do for themself to ensure they gave themself the best opportunity to succeed. It was exciting to see them relate to other girls in their year that they would not normally share ideas with so openly. Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects and looking forward to having the program presented again at our school. The girls loved Dannielle and her interaction.

Thank you for an excellent presentation. The students gave resoundingly positive feedback regarding the presenter and the content covered. Thank you for sharing your experience and your wisdom.

Great information! Fantastic to have this program to enhance health courses at school. These topics are so important for our girls to debunk the media images portrayed and to have self-belief that they really are amazing.

I had nothing but positive feedback from my girls. It is great to realise that we are teaching our girls in a positive way.

I feel empowered, knowledgable, informed, motivated and inspired by the Butterfly Effect program… Well done Danni- you are the most engaging and eloquent speaker I have had the pleasure to experience! My little sister was in your workshop day 2 and she felt exactly the same way about it! Go the amazon Princess- you’re just gorgeous!

The workshops are a highlight for our girls. It is amazing to observe them being the best they can be when they are engaged with the workshops. Thank You! Nikki is a real pro!

This is the second year that we have run the Enlighten event. We had no hesitation in re-booking this year because the response of our students last year was so positive and long lasting. In particular, we found that the students were much more tolerant of each other. However, the feedback from the girls was the real selling point. They were overwhelmingly supportive of the program, were able to demonstrate that some really life-changing learning had taken place and completely enjoyed the experience. And who wouldn’t be moved by Danni’s story, her courage and her amazing outlook on life? Of course, they all love her!

Having read the girl’s evaluations, how can one doubt that this experience was an outstanding and positive one for them. As Year Level Co-Ordinator, I have had girls come to me re issues of bullying, in an assertive manner, as a result of this program. On Monday, there was a real positive vibe around the school, as if the girls had discovered something new. The girls are proudly wearing their pink arm bands. Thank you for a rewarding experience.

This is our second dealing with Enlighten Education and Nikki as the key presenter. The information leading up to the event is extremely informative and relevant, it certainly makes things easy to organise from this end. Nikki is a brilliant speaker and presenter and they are without doubt the best workshops our students have attended. The kids were simply glowing in their praise and I know many of Nikki’s key messages will remain with the girls. If our school can receive similar grants again in 2012 Enlighten Education will be the first company we will book.
Regards Kristen Waldron

It was great timing as the girls put what they learnt into practice the very next day when they went to camp. In many cases the things they struggled with at camp involved communication issues and how to deal with conflict. I often just held up my wrist band and said something along the lines of “what is the best way to deal with this situation?”

Thank you for helping our Year 9 girls to develop vital skills for not just for their school lives, but also far beyond that.

Everything was so easy and ran so smoothly from the initial booking to the day itself. You were so engaging and the girls loved you. The program has provided a fantastic springboard for us to base our Pastoral Care program on.

Dannielle Miller is gold! Her rapport with our Year 7 girls (and then Year 8’s the following day) was instant! Their eyes and ears were glued to her the entire day. The topics covered were exactly what they needed to be and we believe that our students did walk away from the event more informed, more inspired and more self-confident. Thank you Enlighten Education.

It was an awesome event student and adult feedback says it all. The challenge we face is to address more people on the issues and there is a desire to do something major to stop the impact on young/old girls at the source idealistic perhaps; but your events were empowering!

Such an amazing day in the life of our school! I have staff lined up to participate they love it for themselves and love seeing the students experience the day. The information is life changing and presented in a way it will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Such an important and powerful message. Great PD for staff involved in fact a staff PD event would be wonderful so that staff are up to date and informed to speak appropriately to the situations our students are faced with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can’t wait for it all to happen again next year!

The program was informative and the activities were appropriate and enjoyable for the students. The life experiences shared with the girls e.g. body image, were relevant to teenagers and the emotions/feelings and outcomes were expressed positively. It was fantastic that Danni was able to include our assistant year advisor (male staff member) in a positive and fun way….Overall, a great day and the girls had an enjoyable time. Thank you.

Once again a fantastic day! Thank you so much for being committed to the cause of helping young girls find their true beauty and navigate their way through girl world. The program was engaging, fun and informative. Looking forward to working with you again next year!

…I was so impressed with your presentation and the obvious passion and skills you have to deliver such important messages… to stand alone as a full day presenter, I think you are a wonder! Some of those girls sitting to your right were making things difficult and your handling of them was great – I may not have been as calm if it were me!!!! That in itself was good learning for me.

On return from the session I had all the girls and staff share in a reflective circle. The kids rated themselves 1-10 on how they felt before the session and a rating after and to explain why? Everyone was 9’s and 10’s and had made huge progress throughout the day. They had to describe you as a person in one word – inspirational, motivating, brave, caring, funny, gorgeous, passionate came up lots. They had to share one thing they had got out of the day – a number of girls were emotionally open about not feeling worthy and now had a new perspective on… it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

When I arrived at school this morning I was greeted with smiling faces and a Hi Couchy with left wrists raised – proudly showing the pink wrist band off with a Girl Power attitude!. I had an all girls class early in the day and we debriefed again about what they had shared at home with others and what they had thought about. The girls were really open and honest and had picked up on so many of the workshop details, one being assertive with her Mum to just stand still so she could completely listen to what she had to tell her and not do it while hanging the washing out…ha ha.bless! We then did make-up and girly stuff which also created great discussion and fun.
We had a Grade Assembly too and I was explaining to the group that we had had a wonderful day together and asked if anyone was willing to stand up out of their comfort zone to describe to the boys and male staff what it was all about. This beautiful young lady (who debriefed the day before that you had changed the way she now feels about herself) jumped up and described your entire workshop in complete detail, activities, messages, your story, the effect it had on her, what she had felt before the session and now after and the significance of our pink wrist bands…I was completely blown away and you would have been so chuffed to have heard it.
Thanks for making your story such an avenue for changing the thinking of my beautiful Grade 8 girls. I now have 64 sisters I can care for at an even deeper level…..Gorgeous!

You have a God given gift to connect with this age group. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. The whole thing was fantastic. Even as an adult, and for me, a soon to be first time mum, it is so good to be reminded that we are beautiful. I have made a promise to myself that I will pass this on to my children and continue to truly believe this myself. Thank you Gorgeous!

You were fantastic and really engaged with our students. The material was presented in an honest and heartfelt manner. St Margaret’s would love to have you present the workshops again in the future. It was a terrific way to end the term. Thank you.

Was a fabulous day, the girls learnt so much throughout the day, were engaged at all times, responded beautifully to the discussion and activities and they felt empowered and happy after the day.
Definitely worthwhile and the topics covered were spot on for our girls, Fran, you were inspiring and motivating for the girls and a wonderful role model, which showed you can be a business woman and a mother as well as be feminine and be confident in who you are.
Was wonderful to see the girls get so much out of your stories and how to respond to certain situations. It was just what the girls needed.

We are very glad the student feedback is so good. We have had some emails from parents saying their girls really enjoyed it. We look forward to those far reaching impacts, which I am sure, will come. Your enthusiasm was fantastic; your energy enviable. Look forward to working with you again!

The workshops were delivered very professionally and you had the ability to capture each group very well. The students were fully engaged throughout the workshop and all involved and interested which was a credit to your presentation. They loved the diaries and in particular having the chance to write in other people’s dairies then in turn reading their own. Valuable lessons about thinking positive thoughts about themselves.

I found the speaker very engaging with the girls. The issues addressed were very relevant to the age of girls and I think they gook some valuable information and strategies to help them through the next few years of their teenage life.

Thank you for another great day. The students really enjoyed the day and they got so much out of the program. We feel it is a really valuable day for our students and enables the students to gain important life skills as well as being able to spend the day together as a group. Excellent.


Tuesday was an absolutely amazing day for the girls (and their teachers). Thank you so very much for taking us joyfully and energetically through some ‘enlightening’ activities. We have done lots of de-briefing with the girls and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, as I’m sure it will state on your feedback forms. When asked what they most enjoyed or what they learned from the day, I was most pleased that a range of responses were given. Not only did the girls respond to you extremely positively, they felt the the pace of the day was perfect, that the music added much joy and that the activities were fun and important.

I had to resolve a friendship issue with two girls today and we were all using the steps in the ‘Respect Rules’ to help us to sort through the issue – THANK YOU! We now have a shared language and set of standards that we can work through in future friendship issues. There are other ways in which we are continuing the work of ‘The Butterfly Effect’. We are wearing our wrist bands, many girls have downloaded the app, we have been writing in our journals and we have been discussing the content raised on Tuesday. I have heard girls saying, “Stop! I don’t like it!” and although they were playing, the phrase and stance have been embedded.

Finally, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed reading through your blog. I have watched several Kerri-Anne clips and read through several postings. You raise a lot of interesting points. As a girl and a teacher of girls, I am very interested to hear what you have to say. I have also encouraged some parents to have a read.

Thank you for being an ambassador for girls. I very much hope that I get the opportunity to work with you again in the future as I found you very inspiring!

Dear Fran
I thought your sessions inspired our students to think positively about life, their relationships and their own bodies. The girls enjoyed taking the time to write positive things about each other and each of them got a little boost which made them happier about themselves. It’s great that they can walk away from the day with a journal they can look at, to remind themselves about the positive things about them, a journal that they can also keep as a positive reminder of their happy schooling years.

Christine was so efficient to deal with when organising the events and there was no fuss at all, very smooth. The girls absolutely loved the day and went home and spoke about it to their parents and that has filtered back to us. After seeing the impact Danni had on the girls I’d like to do it every year.

In contrast to the many teen education programs which patronise or police teen girls, Enlighten Education’s programs are strikingly different in that they seek to both recognise and further enhance the strengths of young women. By equipping them with practical skills delivered through a framework of empathy, care, compassion and joy Enlighten provides girls with an event that really resonates with them. This program shows that when you treat young people with dignity and respect by acknowledging the competencies and experiences they bring to discussions, truly great things can be achieved.

Thank you so much to Nikki for a truly meaningful and engaging presentation. She brought a whole new level of connectedness to the year 11 group. For the girls to have the opportunity to think about themselves as individuals and as part of a group of young women and the power they have to work together rather than in competition with one another was thought-provoking and hopefully action-inspiring. Thank you again for the important messages you brought to the senior girls of St Catherine’s.

Rachel was a wonderful facilitator. She is such a strong role model for our students and shared a lot of her own story which had huge impact on the students. Rachel is extremely well qualified and I could have spent HOURS talking with her about the issues that are facing teenage girls in 2011. She is up to the minute with a thorough understanding of what’s going on for them. Her energy and enthusiasm were quite something, she gave the day her all. I truly appreciate all she did for the students at St Margaret’s College in what has been a difficult year. She helped our Year 9s finish 2011 on a high note!

Thank you for providing students with an engaging day that instils self-worth, confidence and reinforces vocational pathways over the day. Great work Ladies!!

The girls enjoyed a fantastic day with Fran and have been truly enlightened by the experience. The information provided and the activities chosen were appropriate for the students and also most engaging. An excellent day with a positive outcome for all. Thank you so much.

Kellyville High School is thrilled with the impact this program has had on our Year 9 and 10 girls. Thanks.

Thank you for providing our Year Nine girls with such a wonderful experience! They came away from their time spent with Nikki, with such confidence, self-awareness and a genuine improved understanding and appreciation of themselves and what it means to feel ‘beautiful’. Nikki was a true inspiration to many of them and has definitely left a lasting impression. They are still talking about certain activities and discussions they had! Thank you again, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Danni was fantastic…our year 9 girls loved her workshops and were still ‘buzzing’ two days later…! The talk amongst the girls since has been so positive which is great to hear. I would definitely like to have Danni back again to run workshops with other year levels.

As a parent of a daughter who has experienced Enlighten’s program twice, I was already convinced before you came to our school, but as a Year Advisor who participated this year, I can now see why it works so well. Again Nikki was an amazing presenter and she had my year group totally engrossed in every word she said. The girls came away so much closer as a year group and also within their smaller friendship groups. They were empowered to be safe, physically and emotionally and reassessed how they saw themselves. They spent the next week telling all the next year group down that they just ‘have to do it next year’. I think this speaks volumes for the value the girls placed on the day and the parents who contacted me afterwards said they really valued the conversations it opened up at home. Thank you once again for bringing this to our girls.

The workshop was perfect. So interactive and valuable. The feedback received has all been positive, from staff, students and parents. This is something all young people should be a part of. Many many thanks for all the time and effort that went into such superb preparation and research.

Excellent program. The feedback from the girls was remarkable. They were quite emotional and definitely left feeling empowered.

This day met all my hopes and more for a dynamic paradigm shifting experience for our girls to have empowering alternative options away from the dominant discourses in which to position themselves. I intend to propose it as a regular event for Year 9.

This is a truly fantastic programme for our girls. We have not only been able to see the long term benefits of the programme but have also managed to keep the momentum of the programme going throughout the year and from my discussions with our Year 13 girls they still remember their Enlighten day (in 2009) and highlight this day as something very valuable. As a result of this programme we have made up our Own GirlRule card building on from the statement NO GIRL GETS LEFT BEHIND. We have also had very positive feedback from community police about this card.

You were amazing with the girls and the knowledge and wisdom you shared with them has had a positive impact and will no doubt be long lasting. Thank you! X x x

It was lovely to meet you and I really enjoyed reading all the positive feedback from the girls. Feedback from parents was also very positive. Many of the girls (including me!) are still wearing the pink bands with pride.

Fran and Nikki were truly engaging presenters and workshop leaders. The girls immediately felt like they were in a safe and supportive environment, due to the stories Fran told them about herself as a opener. They then were engaged and open to questions, challenges and prompts that Fran asked them.

Upon splitting into groups, they were able to work successfully through The Travel Diary and meditation. Lots of girls commented on their emotional and mental state after the meditation, proving that this was an invaluable part of the day. Once back for Girl World, Fran made sure she addressed issues regarding friendship which we had asked for. This was done in a thoughtful and considerate manner, not making the girls think that we had asked to have it highlighted. Thank you again Enlighten, the girls and school community really appreciate your work.

We thought Dannielle Miller was terrific and I’ve had lots of comments from the girls that she was ‘the best speaker they have ever had!’. The response has been equally good from parents and staff, particularly young staff who have realised how important role modelling is as a teacher at the School.

We appreciate Dannielle speaking with our community and we look forward to when she returns to Perth College.

Nikki was amazing! It was beneficial for the girls to have someone detached from their situation coming to reassure them that everyone experiences friendship issues and that it is wrong to compare yourself to others. I think it was useful having a presenter that was young so that the girls could relate to her. She was extremely friendly and approachable and made the girls feel very special and valued. I have used her RESPECT rules and her pledge and have turned them into wall posters for our girls to refer to if another issue crops up. Our friendship problems have rapidly decreased since this workshop. THANK YOU!

Danni…what can I say! I have just read the comments on facebook…

What you achieved with our girls yesterday was remarkable. It is a message that we could not achieve in two years! I really want to thank you.

Being a new (relatively young) Principal in a girls school, yesterday really gave me a good opportunity to reflect on my own wishes for our students. I love being a Teacher and a Principal and I really love Clonard and each of the students that I have been blessed with in caring for. Watching our students respond to you was an amazing experience.

Clonard is a truly special place. I am very proud of our girls. It was an absolute privilege to sit through all of your sessions finding myself captivated by every moment. What I really couldn’t get over at the end was the line of girls that just wanted to hug you and say thanks. Talk about special!

A number of the teachers there yesterday came up to me and said how much they had learnt. It’s true… you can teach a teacher!

I feel that your powerful message will stay with these students for their journey through Clonard. I know it will be something that I will refer back to when the going gets tough.

I feel privileged to have met you, listened to you and learnt from you. I do know now what Jemma and Mel (our two Yr 11 girls who attended the Insight Conference) were talking about!

Thank you and I hope that we can have you back.


Parent Feedback

Since attending Dannielle’s Enlighten Education Parent Information Session in March 2008, the lines of communication between myself and my 11-year old daughter have widened. Together, we are critically analysing everything aimed at young girls her age today via the media: clothes, music, videos, toys, IT, TV and movies and examining what is appropriate for her age in a whole new light. Our most important guideline is that whatever we are looking at, it must celebrate, cherish and support this precious time of her life.

As a relatively intelligent working mum, I thought I was up to date with marketing tactics aimed at 11-year-old girls . . . HOW WRONG I WAS!!! Thanks to Dannielle’s Parent Information Session, I am now truly ‘switched on’ to the marketing ploys and media brainwashing which try and change her into something she is not, and make her older before her time. Attending this course empowered me to stand up as a near lone voice to my daughter’s dance studio and refuse their demand that she wear false eyelashes when at eisteddfod’s.

It was an absolute privilege to attend the Parent Information Session and meet Dannielle. I cannot recommend this course enough and would urge any parent to attend the Enlighten Education Parent Information Session if the opportunity arises.

Dannielle, I just wanted to say thanks for a great Parent Presentation you did at St Agatha’s the other day. I’m a mum of two little girls/primary school teacher and you reminded me to open my eyes to what my kids (and those I teach at school) see around them. I came home talking 100 words per min to my husband who listened with great interest and then went to work and discussed the topics with his work colleagues (dads with girls too)! I also had a great chat to my 8-year old about the posters she has up on her wall . . . We discussed who she looked up to and why and then chose who had the right to stay up on her wall and who was put in the bin (The Veronica’s went – Woo hoo!). Nice to see a company that makes a change to people’s lives. Thanks again, and good luck in all that you do!

Tonight was absolutely riveting. Thank you!

Thank you so much – you are truly enlightening and I am very excited for my daughter to spend the day with you tomorrow! What a gift you are giving to our girls – such a brilliant investment in their lives today and in the future. Thank you.

I was blown away about some of the statistics. I wish this course was around when I was at school. I can’t wait for your book!

This stuff would be great for our younger daughter, as well as all younger girls

Several days ago, I glanced at my 14-year old daughter and though how pretty she looked – I didn’t say anything. I will go home and tell her she is beautiful and that Dannielle alerted me to how important it is to say what I think.

I enjoyed it immensely; it reinforced a lot of my beliefs. It showed me that I am being a good mum!

A wonderful, albeit terrifying presentation, highlighting the problems our daughters are confronted with. Thank you so much for trying to make a difference!

Thank you for giving my daughter such a wonderful day to guide her through her life!

My granddaughter came home absolutely enthused by the work you did and she really wants to put your messages into action.

Thank you for reminding us how much we need to show our girls love! My daughter had the best day with you. You obviously made a huge impact on her thinking – thank you! Please come again!

Fantastic presentation! I loved it. Wish you had given your speech to everyone in New Zealand. Thank you so much.

Excellent presentation. I think this was an eye opener for all parents. Thank you on behalf of ourselves and our daughter – it was worthwhile for her.

My daughter attended your session on Tuesday and loved it. She spent all evening telling us every little detail. She was so full of enthusiasm. It was great. Thanks!

Our daughter came home buzzing – thanks!

You are very inspiring women with exceptional enthusiasm. It really made me cry and so glad to have a daughter who loves me and herself. Helped me understand my older daughter more as well! Excellent in combination with the in-school program. Top lady – go girl!

Absolutely fantastic! Some of the comments were such an eye opener. My daughter came home positive and loved every single minute. Thank you.

My daughter loved it and didn’t stop talking about the day. A very good evening, a delight to listen to, and I would have happily listened a lot longer. Will check out website for sure!

This was a great, entertaining, informative evening. It blows my mind what we take for granted – what our girls are bombarded with. Definitely lots to think about and act upon. Brilliant!

We spoke to our daughter this evening prior to this meeting and she was very inspired and excited about her experience today. Thank you Dannielle. We feel so privileged that the school she is at has chosen its girls to be a part of Enlighten Education!

What a great lady!

I just want to thank the presenter and Pymble Ladies College for this great opening for mothers and fathers but especially to our adolescent teenagers. For me as a parent, a single parent, day and night I watched in breathless sighs the pressure our girls go through alone. The presenter highlighted main points and similar ways or tools that mothers like me would only identify. Thank you once again. Will be in touch and let our journey begin together.

My daughter came home full of lots of stories and almost on a high from your talk. I had to come to hear you for myself and will take away many thoughts for my future enjoyment with my daughter. You were amazing!

My daughter Lily found your presentation absolutely amazing. She was dreading the day and came back a different girl. I was so pleased that I was given the opportunity to experience some of your amazing information. Keep up the good work.

Fabulous. More please! Thank you for enlightening me and giving me the power to help my girls. Thanks Pymble too. P.S. Both my daughters LOVED it (Year 7 and Year 9).