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Vicky Pond Dunlop, Director Enlighten Education New Zealand

BA in Education and Media, Master of Educational Leadership and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology

“Young women have so many expectations thrown at them that it can get overwhelming. I love how these same young women will leave an Enlighten Education workshop with tools and resources to build resilience against future challenges. It is an honour to be part of that emerging understanding of their purpose and their worth.”

Vicky is Program Director for Enlighten Education New Zealand. She has worked in both the business and education sectors, developing leadership capability and coaching to develop personal mastery in her clients. Her work with young women started while being a substitute parent for a few young women who were struggling in their relationship with their parents and needed a place to recalibrate, as well as the wealth of knowledge gained from being a mother of two girls. She has recently completed academic research on the influence of secondary school on young women’s aspirations to be leaders, gaining a Dean’s Award for excellence for her Master’s thesis.

Vicky is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified transformative coach. She continues to seek opportunities to support others to develop strategies to reach their goals. She has a BA in Education and Media, Master of Educational Leadership and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, which fuelled her interest in how young women are influenced by their social groups, and societal expectations. Vicky is sublimely stoked to be part of the Enlighten Education team!

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Testimonials from local schools

I was very impressed with Rachel’s relaxed and natural ability to present the programme to our Year 9 & 10 girls. Rachel’s presentation skills related really well with the girls and this is apparent through the girls’ assessment of the programme. The positive comments from the girls such as: “I learnt to think positively, enjoy life, look after my friends, everyone comes in different shapes & sizes, love my body & myself” are a credit to Rachel’s workshops. If we can teach girls some of these skills we can only enhance their confidence about life. It’s all about empowering the youth of today so they realise that life is not so bad and that they can use the skills taught in this course to get them through some of the tough times. I would highly recommend the Enlighten Education Programme to any school. Thanks Rachel.

Jen Renton / Columba College, Dunedin

From the sessions I observed and from the follow-up discussion with the girls, I feel this was an excellent program to be involved with. The presenters were passionate, engaging and appealing, and their relevant yet down-to-earth approach enabled a fantastic impact at both year levels. The girls’ feedback says it all!

Chris Wyeth / Associate Principal, St Margaret's College, Christchurch, NZ

Lots of practical advice – really useful. It was a great day, everyone enjoyed themselves and got a lot out of it. Many thanks.

Jacky Wall / Deputy Principal, Tararua College, NZ

I had the pleasure of seeing an up-to-date, relevant, fun, engaging and motivating program. The girls were engaged and into the whole day which is saying something. I gained a great refreshing way of interacting with my girls in the boarding house that I will be able to use immediately and every day, how great is that! You women rock, keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing it all again sometime!

Tonya Low / Boarding House Manager, St Margaret's College, Christchurch, NZ

This was a fantastic experience for the girls in our school. Four weeks after the event, at a Year-10 parent evening, parents were still commenting on how pleased they were that their daughters had this opportunity. Twenty-one days after the Enlighten Team were in our school the Year-10 group had a morning session; we focused this on Girl Caught and made a Wall of Fame and Wall of Shame. We also had cakes in the shape of butterflies to remind us to celebrate the beauty within us all. Throughout the year we will continue to carry on the themes discussed during the Enlighten program. Not only has this been helpful for Year 10 as a whole it has also given us ideas for working with girls higher up in the school. The saying ‘No girl gets left behind’ has been something we have discussed with Year 11-13. We have also highlighted to the girls as whole the influence of the media and being vigilant about the pressure and ideas they are trying to sell. You are a consumer and therefore have power by not buying magazines, etc., that portray women in a negative light.

Jane Dickie / Guidance Counsellor, Rangi Ruru, Christchurch, NZ

Thank-you Kelly. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. After reading the evaluations and speaking to the students they obviously gained so much from them. Kelly was an excellent facilitator and the students responded well to her bubbly personality. Kelly was thoroughly professional in her dealings with the school and the students. We would warmly welcome her back in the school in the future to take more sessions.This was definitely a highlight of the term for the Year 10 girls.

Bev McLean / Spotswood College, New Zealand
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Powerful and relevant workshops that inspired and enriched our young women’s lives. Highly recommend to all schools who value building strong relationships and self-esteem in their girls.
Jenna Peddie, Syndicate Leader, Tauranga Intermediate, NZ

It was a fantastic programme delivered in a relaxed, interesting way. The students took on board the information given and some made an effort to change some of their negative behaviours. I would recommend this programme for other schools and would love to do this again next year.
Rachel Rowe, Year 9 & 10 Dean, Reporora College, NZ

Rachel set a great scene and her enthusiasm was infectious. The girls loved her and she was real. I enjoyed being part of the day and have reignited my passion for girls issues particularly around body image. We are sooo much more than a number, eg. weight, body measurement, dress size, etc.
Kate Casey, Guidance Counsellor, Pinehurst School, North Shore

Great information! Fantastic to have this program to enhance health courses at school. These topics are so important for our girls to debunk the media images portrayed and to have self-belief that they really are amazing.
Lisa Paterson, Teacher, Christchurch Girls High School

I had nothing but positive feedback from my girls. It is great to realise that we are teaching our girls in a positive way.
Jude Connochie, Director of Boarding, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

We are very glad the student feedback is so good. We have had some emails from parents saying their girls really enjoyed it. We look forward to those far reaching impacts, which I am sure, will come. Your enthusiasm was fantastic; your energy enviable. Look forward to working with you again!
Kiri Gill, Deputy Principal, Heretaunga College, Upper Hutt

The workshops were delivered very professionally and you had the ability to capture each group very well. The students were fully engaged throughout the workshop and all involved and interested which was a credit to your presentation. They loved the diaries and in particular having the chance to write in other people’s dairies then in turn reading their own. Valuable lessons about thinking positive thoughts about themselves.
Wendy Carol, Dean of Middle School, Samuel Marsden Collegiate, Wellington

Rachel was a wonderful facilitator. She is such a strong role model for our students and shared a lot of her own story which had huge impact on the students. Rachel is extremely well qualified and I could have spent HOURS talking with her about the issues that are facing teenage girls in 2011. She is up to the minute with a thorough understanding of what’s going on for them. Her energy and enthusiasm were quite something, she gave the day her all. I truly appreciate all she did for the students at St Margaret’s College in what has been a difficult year. She helped our Year 9s finish 2011 on a high note!
Deb Lean, St Margaret’s College, Christchurch NZ

The workshop was perfect. So interactive and valuable. The feedback received has all been positive, from staff, students and parents. This is something all young people should be a part of. Many many thanks for all the time and effort that went into such superb preparation and research.
Holly Payne, Year 10 Dean, Queen Margaret College, Wellington NZ

This day met all my hopes and more for a dynamic paradigm shifting experience for our girls to have empowering alternative options away from the dominant discourses in which to position themselves. I intend to propose it as a regular event for Year 9.
Trish Jane, Guidance Counsellor, Baradene College, Auckland

This is a truly fantastic programme for our girls. We have not only been able to see the long term benefits of the programme but have also managed to keep the momentum of the programme going throughout the year and from my discussions with our Year 13 girls they still remember their Enlighten day (in 2009) and highlight this day as something very valuable. As a result of this programme we have made up our Own GirlRule card building on from the statement NO GIRL GETS LEFT BEHIND. We have also had very positive feedback from community police about this card.
Jane Dickie, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, Christchurch

The girls’ comments are detailed and thoughtful. Congratulations on such positive responses. Clearly the students were engaged throughout the workshop and, most importantly, you made them think about the issues raised.
Carol Craymer, Principal, Queen Margaret College, Wellington

The day was very well run. Rachel was a total professional in every way. The girls responded really well to her. During the day and 3-4 days later I asked lots of different students how they found the day. They were all very positive about it. I spoke to a range of different types of students too and they all got something valuable out of it. We will look at using Enlighten Education again. It was really worthwhile. It is a complete “day off’ for teachers too, which is 🙂
Debra Hales, Deputy Principal, Timaru Girls’ High School, Timaru

We have had nothing but positive comments from both girls and parents. The girls really responded to your style of presenting and your enthusiasm and energy so thanks for a great morning.
Kathleen McDonnell, Deputy Principal, Queen Margaret College, Wellington

The girls (and I) had a great time. Meredith kept the girls engaged really well whether it was through journal making, playing “up to date” music to create the right atmosphere or just learning how to de-stress and calm ourselves. What stood out for most of the girls was the workshop ‘Love The Skin You’re In’. Seeing that even gorgeous models get photo shopped was a big eye-opener. Before the workshop a pre workshop questionnaire asked if the girls felt confident and beautiful. A staggering 74% said no. After the workshop was presented the same question was asked and 75% of the girls remarked that they now feel confident and beautiful. I would highly recommend this workshop for all Colleges and even Intermediates. I hope to invite you back sometime as I already have more girls come in and ask when the next workshop will be. Many thanks Rachel and Meredith for helping us show our girls they are gorgeous the way they are.
Annerie Kemp, Guidance Counsellor, Kapiti College

Feedback for CEO, Dannielle Miller's Parent Seminars - New Zealand.

Tonight was absolutely riveting. Thank you!
Denise Abbott

Thank you so much – you are truly enlightening and I am very excited for my daughter to spend the day with you tomorrow! What a gift you are giving to our girls – such a brilliant investment in their lives today and in the future.Thank you.
Leanne Kennedy

Great information! Fantastic to have this programme to enhance health courses at school. These topics are so important for our girls to debunk the media images portrayed and to have self-belief that they really are amazing.
Lisa Paterson, teacher, Christchurch Girls High School

I was blown away about some of the statistics. I wish this course was around when I was at school. I can’t wait for your book!
Andrea Tibbotts

This stuff would be great for our younger daughter, as well as all younger girls.
Mary Crooks

Several days ago, I glanced at my 14-year old daughter and though how pretty she looked – I didn’t say anything. I will go home and tell her she is beautiful and that Dannielle alerted me to how important it is to say what I think.

I enjoyed it immensely; it reinforced a lot of my beliefs. It showed me that I am being a good mum!
Tracey Corbishley

A wonderful, albeit terrifying presentation, highlighting the problems our daughters are confronted with. Thank you so much for trying to make a difference!
Michelle and Andrew Stickley

Thank you for giving my daughter such a wonderful day to guide her through her life!

My granddaughter came home absolutely enthused by the work you did and she really wants to put your messages into action.
Robyn Dawson

Thank you for reminding us how much we need to show our girls love! My daughter had the best day with you. You obviously made a huge impact on her thinking – thank you! Please come again!
Fiona Eaton

This was a fantastic evening. Lots of food for thought. I would definitely attend another seminar.

Fantastic presentation! I loved it. Wish you had given your speech to everyone in New Zealand. Thank you so much.
Sue Ashton

Excellent presentation. I think this was an eye opener for all parents. Thank you on behalf of ourselves and our daughter – it was worthwhile for her.
Kathryn Wigley

My daughter attended your session on Tuesday and loved it. She spent all evening telling us every little detail. She was so full of enthusiasm. It was great. Thanks!

Our daughter came home buzzing – thanks!
Nigel and Wendy Mayson

You are very inspiring women with exceptional enthusiasm. It really made me cry and so glad to have a daughter who loves me and herself. Helped me understand my older daughter more as well! Excellent in combination with the in-school program. Top lady – go girl!

Absolutely fantastic! Some of the comments were such an eye opener. My daughter came home positive and loved every single minute. Thank you.
Jane Holmes

My daughter loved it and didn’t stop talking about the day. A very good evening, a delight to listen to, and I would have happily listened a lot longer. Will check out website for sure!
Dawn Proud

This was a great, entertaining, informative evening. It blows my mind what we take for granted – what our girls are bombarded with. Definitely lots to think about and act upon. Brilliant!
Julianne Farrell

We spoke to our daughter this evening prior to this meeting and she was very inspired and excited about her experience today. Thank you Dannielle. We feel so privileged that the school she is at has chosen its girls to be a part of Enlighten Education!
Richard and Anita Todd

What a great lady!
Paula Rapley

We are proud to work with these schools

Aquinas College, Tauranga
Auckland Girls’ Grammar School, Auckland
Baradene College, Auckland
Chilton Saint James School, Lower Hutt, Wellington
Christchurch Girls’ High School, Christchurch
Columba College, Dunedin
Craighead Diocesan, Timaru
Dunstan High School, Alexandra, Central Otago
Forest View High School, Tokoroa
Heretaunga College, Upper Hutt
Iona College, Havelock North
James Cook High School, Manurewa, Auckland
Kapiti College, Paraparaumu
Kuranui College, Greytown
Maniototo Area School, Ranfurly, Central Otago
Matamata Intermediate, Matamata
Mount Maunganui College, Mount Maunganui
Nga Tawa Diocesan School, Marton
Onehunga School, Auckland
One Tree Hill College, Auckland
Oranga School, Auckland
Otumoetai College, Tauranga
Pinehurst School, North Shore, Auckland
Queen Margaret College, Wellington
Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, Christchurch
Rangitikei College, Marton
Reporoa College, Waikato
Roncalli College, Timaru
Rotorua Lakes High School, Waikato
Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, Wellington
Selwyn House, Christchurch
Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate, Otara, Auckland
Spotswood College, New Plymouth
St Andrew’s College, Christchurch
St John The Evangelist School, Otara, Auckland
St Margaret’s College, Christchurch
Tararua College, Pahiatua
Tauhara College, Taupo
Tauranga Girls’ College, Tauranga
Tauranga Intermediate, Tauranga
Tauroroa Area School, Whangarei
Te Papapa School, Onehunga, Auckland
Timaru Girls High School, Timaru
Waikato Diocesan School for Girls, Hamilton
Waitaki Girls’ High School, Oamaru
Wellington Girls’ College, Wellington
Woodford House, Havelock North