Media highlights thus far – “The Butterfly Effect”

This week has been filled with powerful conversations around teen girls and my book, The Butterfly Effect.  I thought I would share three of the more interesting  interviews with you.

Sunrise – Raising Teen Girls – 4/9/09: click on the image below to view the segment or go directly to the URL:


Podcast – Breakfast radio with Tony, Bec and Mikey – Vega: 2/9/09 (listen about 10 minutes in as they talk about birds for the first segement!)


Podcast – The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine, ABC Radio Melbourne – 31/8/09

“Jon Faine and his co-host, Dr Gael Jennings, took your calls today as they discussed the problems faced by girls in our society, and the problems faced by those trying to raise happy and healthy young women. Their guests were authors Melinda Tankard-Reist, who’s book is called ‘Getting real – Challenging the sexualisation of girls’, and is published by Spinifex Press, and Dannielle Miller, who’s book “The Butterfly Effect’, is published by Random House.”

Love for you to join in and comment on any of the points raised in the above!

2 thoughts on “Media highlights thus far – “The Butterfly Effect”

  1. Francesca says:

    Wow! All three interviews give such a practical and interesting insight into the issues teen girls are facing and how parents can help their precious girls navigate through those teen years. Alarming statistics, great tips; smart, quick and real! I think you could have a ‘Dear Danni’ show soon?!

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