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This 1-hour workshop is suitable for girls aged 14 and over, including those who have not yet started dating. It is based on the work of Dannielle Miller, co-author of Loveability: An Empowered Girl’s Guide to Dating and Relationships (HarperCollins 2014).

Testimonials from schools that LOVE Loveability

“The Loveability workshop was everything our students could want from a presentation – funny, honest and engaging. Danni’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Can’t wait for her next visit!”

Kylie Andrew,
College Counsellor (MAPS), Stella Maris College

“Once again our students loved Dannielle and her presentation. She engaged the girls at their level and most importantly delivered positive and passionate messages. The theme may have been relationships but Dannielle focused on the most important relationship of all – yourself. The ‘Loveability’ workshop is all about ’empowering’ young women and giving them the confidence to believe in themselves.”

Nathan Beckett,
Year 10 Coordinator, San Clemente High School

“From the opening word to the final song Danni had the students highly engaged in this fun, informative workshop. The girls LOVED hearing stories of Danni’s childhood and her first loves and were able to relate in many ways. They walked away from the session feeling empowered and excited about the opportunities ahead for their relationships. They have gained new skills and a better understanding of their emotions. Thank you Danni for providing our girls with such a wonderful opportunity!”

Katie Thomas,
Head of Department / Director of Co-curricular Activities | PDHPE, Ascham School

Why do girls need the Loveability workshop?

Girls need help developing relationship skills because they are starting to date earlier than ever before. Seventy-two percent of teens report that relationships usually begin at age 14 or younger, and 20 percent of children aged 11-14 who are in a relationship say they keep it secret from their parents. Loveability equips girls with a toolbox of practical skills they can use to make great choices; and like all of Enlighten Education’s workshops, it is interactive and highly engaging.

The Loveability workshop covers

The Loveability Myth 

Advertising, movies, music videos and the media would have girls believe that they should measure their loveability on a set of scales or in a bathroom mirror. In this session we unpack gender stereotypes, critically assess popular culture messages and discover what really makes us attractive to others.

Healing Heartbreak

Informative, positive and focused on building resilience, this session helps girls bounce back from any of life’s inevitable upsets by responding to these key questions: How should I feel? How will cope? How can I feeling less alone? How long will it take to feel OK again?

Single? In a Relationship?

Who Cares I’m Awesome! This session empowers young women to enjoy being single and realise they will be OK with or without a partner.

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THE LOVEABILITY WORKSHOP IS $750 INC GST for up to 100 girls

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