A 50 minute zoom wellbeing session for your students
–  the gift of gratitude

A heart-warming, highly engaging 50 minute webinar with Team Enlighten for a full year group – to participate in together – boys and girls (from their homes or from school via zoom). 

This seminar is packed with practical, common-sense tips and hints that have been shown to work. Why thankfulness now? Instilling gratitude in our young people is about so much more than politeness. Gratitude is linked to greater happiness, a more positive outlook on life, stronger social bonds and support networks, and higher achievement.

Cost – $750 INC GST for 50 minute webinar for a full year group* This session may be run live but additional fees will apply. 


“This was the wholesome content we all needed!” “Thank you for a a really inspiring session.”
Year 7 students

“We are very happy with this session, and very inspired! I am so looking forward to the others and (to similarly high levels) of student engagement.”
Head Teacher Learning and Engagement, Rebecca Holmes, Blaxland High School

Dannielle Miller was recently asked to talk about this work with The Parent’s Website ( an Independent Schools Victoria Initiative). You may read their lovely article inspired by her work here: https://theparentswebsite.com.au/the-attitude-of-gratitude/