What about boys?
A message from Dannielle Miller: School workshops for boys As the co-founder and CEO of Australia’s largest provider of in-school workshops for girls, Enlighten Education, and as an author of three books aimed at supporting young women, I am often asked, ”But what about the boys?“ Yes. Boys absolutely need and deserve support. As the mother of a 12 year old boy, this matters to me at a deeply personal level. Disengagement from school, the pressure to look buffed, feeling like they cannot express the full range of emotions, fall outs with their mates, limiting gender stereotypes… all are issues plaguing our boys. Meanwhile we also need to do the urgent work that is required to educate them in order to help eliminate violence against women. My two decades of experience in education, and my expertise in designing multi-award winning, engaging programs that can be delivered in schools, lead me to design our debut program – ”Myth Busting; busting stereotypes that harm boys.“ I also called on the wisdom of colleague and anti-violence campaigner Nina Funnell in producing elements of this – it truly is a considered, positive, and pro-active initiative. And because I believe boys need more strong male role models, I recruited two highly experienced, qualified presenters with proven track records of working face-to-face with boys and men to lead these conversations that matter. I am really proud of this initiative and of my team. I know that together we will create some really good fellas. Please visit our new site: www.goodfellased.com
Do you travel?
Yes, however we may need to pass on any costs directly associated with this.
Do You Have Workshops In My Area?
Enlighten works Australia wide and in New Zealand. We are also available to work in other countries such as America and Singapore. Contact us to discuss your needs.
What Is Included In The Price?
GST, all materials, professional worksheets, and many little “extras”. Meals are not included. We offer a 15% discount for bookings of more than 200 girls in one day for any of our programs. To download our detailed information kits for schools, which include more information on “The Journey”, “The Butterfly Effect”, “Girl Essentials” and “Career Gal”, see the “Brochures & Info Kits” web page of this site. Contact Enlighten for more information you may still require.
Do We Need To Provide Staff To Supervise?
Your staff are absolutely welcome; we find they particularly benefit from participating in the introductory session (25 minutes), which provides a context for the day’s activities.
Will You Conduct An Evaluation?
Absolutely. During the conclusion, we ask the girls to reflect on the day and record their thoughts for us. We collate all this feedback and provide your school with a summary. We also include any observations we have made throughout the day that we think may be of interest. As we realise feedback needs to be timely, we usually have this completed by the next week. We also seek additional feedback from the school; this is when we are able to gauge the response from parents and learn more about the long-term impact of our programs.
What Should The Girls Bring?
Their pencil cases, lunches, cushions or pillows to sit on if they are going to be sitting on a hard floor — and their smiles.
What Will We Need To Provide?
A “performance” space (library, large classroom, drama studio, lecture theatre, etc.) and a projection screen. A carpeted area is best as the girls will be asked to sit on the floor. However, if you do not have a carpeted space, girls can be asked to bring their own cushions to sit on.
Do you have insurance?
Yes. We have Public Liability Insurance coverage with a highly reputable Australian provider.
What Happens After We Book?
To secure your booking, a deposit of $500 + GST is immediately required. Before the event date we will send you an event management schedule outlining the set up requirements and confirmation details of your booking as well as a timetable for the event.
Camps? Weekends??
Both are possible, particularly if you are unable to take time out from the traditional curriculum to implement our program. Boarding schools tend to like weekend workshops, but again booking early is advisable as our presenters are industry experts and also have other professional commitments to meet. There is no extra charge for weekend workshops or visiting you at a camp site.