The Journey.

“The Journey” is a full day school program for girls moving from year 6 to year 7.  The course covers everything from stress management to friendship do’s and don’ts. Using a combination of hands-on and interactive activities we involve the girls in a fun and informative introduction to secondary school. This program is designed to assist in the transition from Year 6 into Year 7 and is ideal as part of an overall school transition program.


Girl World

Friendship rights and responsibilities, making new friends, coping with conflicts... all of these present big problems for many girls in middle school. This workshop equips girls with the necessary skills and knowledge to avoid having friendship problems and to deal with any friendship issues resiliently.

What to Pack

Time management, prioritising and creating positive learning spaces are all important skills for young women to master as they enter high school. This workshop will provide some practical strategies that will assist them in achieving their academic potential.

The Travel Diary

Journal writing is an effective and emotionally healthy form of stress management. Keeping a journal can help the girls to learn more about themselves and their place in the world. In this workshop the girls will have the opportunity to unwind and work together to create their own artwork, which will be used to embellish their journals.

Stop, Revive, Survive

Stress, pressure, deadlines: just because they’re young doesn’t mean girls don’t suffer from the effects of a busy lifestyle. This workshop teaches basic stretching and relaxation activities, including meditation and positive visualisation, which are all designed to help young girls relax and maintain a positive outlook.


I learned controlled ways to deal with friendship problems, breathing exercises, positive sayings. This day is going to make high school a whole lot easier.

It was an awesome day, I absolutely loved it! Words can’t explain!!!!! The best parts were ‘Travel Diary’ because it was heaps of fun and ‘Girl World’ because it was something for now and later life, and Fran’s stories.

This program was very worthwhile. My favourite part was doing ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’ and making a proper diary for myself. I learnt to think positively and accept other people’s feelings.

Stop Revive Survive’ was my favourite because it was very calming. I learnt ways to calm down, be positive, relax, make friends and be yourself.

I loved all of it because it was fun and made it less scary. I learnt to tell yourself “you can”, follow your path and enjoy the rollercoaster. It was very inspiring.

I loved everything, it was fantastic! I learnt that friends are great and words are powerful. It was GREAT, it helped me a lot!!!

Would I recommend this? Yes times 1000! I learnt that Year 7 will be great and I have zip to worry about! I learnt also about kindness, trust and fun. It was heaps fun!

I thought today would be way different but it was way better. My favourite part was talking about friendships. I learnt how to solve friend problems, to avoid secrets, how to respond to other girls’ feelings when things go wrong in friendships and how other girls in my year feel about high school. The ladies were great teachers.

My favourite part of the day was ‘Girl World’ because it was so true. I learnt that if you think positive things more good things are likely to happen. I learnt that high school is going to be easier now. I didn’t know lectures could be so fun.

I thought today would be scary. I wasn’t sure if I would fit in. I can’t list a favourite part today because everything was totally awesome. I learnt to be positive, open and grateful.

I learnt not to be scared of what is ahead, to be excited and that there are lots of new girls to make friends with.

I learnt about healthy diet, how to deal with problems and how to make lasting friendships. You are a really good person and you have a wonderful nature. The film clip at the end was fabulous!

Today I learnt how to survive school and that I am special. I think it was well presented and the best bit was the diary because our group chatted and I like to be creative.

I totally, totally, totally loved everything! I learnt to look out for each other, that everyone sees things differently, how to relax and I now know more about high school. Thanks soooo much!

The Travel Diary was my favourite part because I now have something to do scrap-booking in and to write what I have learnt that friends are important and so are our words. I thought we would have to do all outdoor activities I LOVED everything! Friends are awesome and high school won’t be so hard.

Words have power! You guys are the best – don’t change.

No offense but I thought it would be boring. But everything, everything, everything was the best! I learnt all personalities are ok, how to be organised, how to have a clear work space, what diaries are for and how to have fun. You guys ROCK!

Girl World was my favourite and heaps fun! I liked relaxing and getting organised and meeting friends. You guys are sooo cool and it was all heaps fun!

There were good people teaching us and they showed me not to get stuck with schoolwork but to work smart and take breaks, to take control and relax when things don’t go your way.

The ladies were cheerful and bright and made the day full of brightness. So fun and exciting!

I thought it would be a course where we just have to sit there and listen. Thank you so much, you showed me I can just be myself, I only need to do a few things at a time, have fun in whatever I am doing and do my best. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done!!!

It was very helpful for me, I really enjoyed the Travel Diary as I love making things. It was all just great and if I had a chance, I would wish to do it all again.

It was AWESOME!! THANK you so much as I loved it. You have taught me to think positively about my whole life.

The people in this course were so loving and nice. I loved it. Thanks. I would definitely recommend it as you taught me to be positive, how to make friends, how to relax my body and that high school will be heaps of fun!! BE ME!!!

Decorating the Travel Diary was a highlight as I love being creative. Change is good, encourage each other and be yourself. I had a great time here! thanks.

Words can heal, our words have power, friends are important, anything can happen. great fun and nothing like I thought it was going to be as I thought it would be boring but it was all fun and helpful.

Thanks Danni as I am like you and UR the best as you showed me I am unique. I feel like I am really ready for school now. It was so fun.

I thought today would be worksheets all day but it was about meeting new people and making new friends. I learnt the importance of not gossiping and talking behind people’s back. Having new friends is awesome!

I loved it! Every 12 year old girl in the world should experience this! I loved the whole thing. I have got to know so many girls. It was awesome!

I hoped today would be enjoyable and it was. I loved everything, especially relaxation in ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’. I learnt to love, to be creative, to relax and to help others. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. You made me so much more confident. Please keep doing your job. You have made me so excited to start high school. Thank you.

I thought today would be mostly talking so I loved when we got to decorate our diaries because we got to interact with different people. Today I made new friends and I learnt not to stress over the little things. I know not to gossip, to be openhearted and accept everyone and that we need to try to make and keep friends. Thank you Fran and Jemma, you’re both the best!

Loved everything!! I learnt about positive thinking, time management, creative thinking and what to do if I am stressed. It was fun and awesome!

I loved all Fran’s wonderful stories and I learnt how to keep a master and to do list, how the foods we eat can affect our academic performance, how to react in certain situations and organisation tips. I enjoyed this experience more than I had originally expected to.

I thought it would be fun and it was! I loved everything because it has helped me and all my questions have been answered. I learnt how to deal with friend situations, with cravings, how to relax and why I need to rest. Thanks it was fun!!

My favourite part was when Fran shared her stories because they were funny and I could relate to them. I learnt about being organised, how to relax, how to deal with stress and to eat healthy. Today was such a great day! Thank you.

Alright……. it turned out to be way better than I thought it would be. I loved writing comments about each other in the circle because I found it good to be positive about others. I learnt to prioritise, eat better food because it equals better brain, R.E.L.A.X and to think more positively. Loved today and have learnt heaps, the workshop was down to earth and very relevant.

I loved the friendships workshop when we got to let out what we think about different people. It made everyone feel so good. I learnt to be happy about high school, to not sweat so much over the small things that might go wrong, to be honest towards people and with myself and to love myself for who I am. Fran is awesome.

My favourite part was getting my diary back full of positive comments. I learnt not to cause problems over silly things in high school, that if I try hard enough there is often more than one answer to a problem, to think positively and creatively and to value my friends more.

I thought it would be a good day but different to what actually happened. It was very fun and so much better than school. I liked ‘The Travel Diary’ and how we got to make stuff. I also liked the friendship part of the day because hearing all the kind comments was really good for me. I learnt to be positive, creative and to not be scared about high school. I can be myself and have fun.

Doing The Journey workshop today has taught me not to be afraid of mistakes, how to make new friends, to become what you want to become, always try your hardest even if you are not good at it and to have fun at everything you do. I wish this day could last.

I loved how she understood how normal teenagers feel. I learnt how to introduce myself and make friends, how to deal with stress and that mistakes are ok! An interesting day.

I really loved the diaries, writing and all the tips. It was all really great. I learnt to be positive, that others are going through it too, to be loyal and to honour each other. I really enjoyed today and I now have a completely different mindset for high school.