“The Journey” is a full day school program for girls moving from year 6 to year 7.The course covers everything from stress management to friendship do’s and don’ts. Using a combination of hands-on and interactive activities we involve the girls in a fun and informative introduction to secondary school. This program is designed to assist in the transition from Year 6 into Year 7 and is ideal as part of an overall school transition program.


Girl World

Friendship rights and responsibilities, making new friends, coping with conflicts… all of these present big problems for many girls in middle school. This workshop equips girls with the necessary skills and knowledge to avoid having friendship problems and to deal with any friendship issues resiliently.

What to Pack

Time management, prioritising and creating positive learning spaces are all important skills for young women to master as they enter high school. This workshop will provide some practical strategies that will assist them in achieving their academic potential.

The Travel Diary

Journal writing is an effective and emotionally healthy form of stress management. Keeping a journal can help the girls to learn more about themselves and their place in the world. In this workshop the girls will have the opportunity to unwind and work together to create their own artwork, which will be used to embellish their journals.

Stop, Revive, Survive

Stress, pressure, deadlines: just because they’re young doesn’t mean girls don’t suffer from the effects of a busy lifestyle. This workshop teaches basic stretching and relaxation activities, including meditation and positive visualisation, which are all designed to help young girls relax and maintain a positive outlook.

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Testimonials from students

I learned controlled ways to deal with friendship problems, breathing exercises, positive sayings. This day is going to make high school a whole lot easier.


It was an awesome day, I absolutely loved it! Words can’t explain!!!!! The best parts were ‘Travel Diary’ because it was heaps of fun and ‘Girl World’ because it was something for now and later life, and Fran’s stories.


This program was very worthwhile. My favourite part was doing ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’ and making a proper diary for myself. I learnt to think positively and accept other people’s feelings.


Stop Revive Survive’ was my favourite because it was very calming. I learnt ways to calm down, be positive, relax, make friends and be yourself.


I loved all of it because it was fun and made it less scary. I learnt to tell yourself “you can”, follow your path and enjoy the rollercoaster. It was very inspiring.


I loved everything, it was fantastic! I learnt that friends are great and words are powerful. It was GREAT, it helped me a lot!!!