Girl Essentials.

The half-day “Girl Essentials” school program and workshop for girls, works well as an introduction to school-based programs in Pastoral Care and Personal Development. If you are looking for ways to motivate your students, it is ideal.

Choose 1 core and 2 of our other workshops. All workshops are adjusted to ensure they are age appropriate.

Core Workshops.

Love the skin you're in.

Negative stereotyping, sexism, media images, the fixation on being thin - these are all issues today’s girls are facing. In these core workshops for schools we encourage girls to critically evaluate the messages that bombard them every day and develop strategies that help them respond intelligently and objectively.

Wake up sleeping beauty!

Rediscovering the princess within: Little girls believe they can be whatever they would like to be, make friends with whoever amuses them, let people know when they are annoyed, and eat whatever tastes delicious – when did the rules change and why have we let things become so complex? This girls workshop challenges girls to reconnect with their core values and beliefs and helps them remember just how truly special they are.

Supplementary Workshops.

Real girl power

This workshop explores the women’s movement and the history of feminism. Who have been our change makers? What does empowerment and the “sisterhood” really mean to us 21st-century girls?

Style file

Girls will be introduced to a variety of fashion styles and will be encouraged to define their own style. Girls will then discover practical, fun and affordable ways to achieve their selected fashion style. Customising, bargain buying and fashion ethics are all featured in this workshop. The real focus here is on using a medium the girls are comfortable with (fashion) to instigate important conversations about the labels we place on ourselves and each other – not just literally, but figuratively.

Be a dollar diva

Saving money, mobile phone plans, credit cards, business plans . . . all savvy girls need to know how to manage their finances. This workshop teaches girls how to be cash smart and how to avoid financial pitfalls.

Get it together

Managing time, prioritising, organising their space and their work, problem-solving, thinking creatively — these are all skills that help improve girls’ performance at school and in the workplace. This workshop focuses on helping girls develop these skills and use them to their advantage.

Stop I don't like it

Every girl is concerned about her personal safety. Setting personal boundaries, safe partying, handling inappropriate text messages, managing conflict and using the internet safely: these skills are all vital. This workshop focuses on what’s right and what’s not right and how to tell the difference.

The princess diaries

Girls will create their own journals in which they can reflect and reshape their futures . . . this workshops also allows for informal conversations about things that really matter to the girls and uses art as therapy. The finished journals are beautiful and powerful ‘take aways’ from our events. All materials are supplied.

Chill out

Relaxation, visualisation techniques, massage and more. Learning how to manage stress effectively is essential for our modern lives. Relying on crutches like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or other unhealthy behaviours is destructive and wasteful. In this workshop we encourage girls to seek balance in their lives and teach them some skills to achieve it. We also teach skills to help them cope with exam and assessment pressure to help enhance performance. These strategies are fun, affordable, and will fit into any girl’s hectic lifestyle.

Forever friends

Research tells us that friends are more important to teenagers than their parents or teachers. How do we make friends? Who should we make friends with? How should friendships be maintained? How do we decide if a friendship is helping or harming us? This workshop addresses these issues and equips the girls with the necessary skills to make safe, important decisions about their friendships.


My favourite part was ‘Wake Up Sleeping Beauty’ I found that this was the workshop that I got a lot out of, things that I could apply to my life, it was very helpful. Thank you so much for the inspirational talk, I have got so much out of it. It was an excellent day.

I thought it would be a boring lecture where the whole time all you are thinking about is ‘When will this finally end?’ BUT Danni really connected with everyone, and out of all the things people in my life have ever said to me, and out of all the lectures I’ve been given, I really listened to you and to everything you said and I TOOK EVERYTHING IN.

Believe in yourself . . . every girl is a princess.

My favourite part was the friends affirmation session. I don’t think we tell our friends how much they mean to us yet the value in doing this is important for all of us. I learnt we can be self-destructive and how much there is we can do to build ourselves and those around us up. The media is playing a big part in this problem . . . we are all beautiful. Continue doing what you are doing! This is a message that EVERY GIRL needs to hear! Thanks so much.

I thought it would be pointless but I loved it all coz they made me think I am special and unique and that I am beautiful no matter what, words can hurt a lot. It was really fun thanx!

Vinnies is cool, more people our age are financially intelligent . . . these speakers are excellent!

Love yourself. This course is ESSENTIAL for all girls.

I learnt to have confidence and be happy with myself…thank you soooo much, I loved it!

Love Danni’s confidence, it was inspiring; I learnt not to be ashamed or hide who I am, I AM UNIQUE!

I thought it would be all old women teaching us the right and wrong ways of doing things but it wasn’t and I learnt heaps about different styles, how to spend wisely and how to use makeup. They are all so beautiful as people.

I didn’t expect it to be so bright, I learnt a lot how to be positive, and be yourself. They make girls feel good.

I am in shock as I didn’t think it would be so interesting I think you ladies should continue talking to other schools of young people. You can teach girls so much as everyone listens to you and is really interested in what you have to say.

It was absolutely fantastic, we were all really enthused. I loved hugging everyone after the positive affirmations, I am very affectionate and I loved the feelings expressed through hugs. I learnt too that I am not alone some of the statistics were frightening, I shouldn’t be ashamed of myself. I am good enough for me and my faults make me, me.

The whole day was brilliant the speaker was so entertaining and made me interested and enthused. It was really, really good!

I thought it would be just another talk that I should get basically nothing from but it was the total opposite! I loved hearing how Danni remained strong and wore her scare instead of letting them wear her. Being a girl is tough but every one of us is beautiful in our own way. Denigrating others will not make us feel better; we have to accept that we are beautiful.

The team captivated their audience and took us on a ride and made us see a lot of things. Society has failed us and wants us to be perfect but I am perfect the way I am! DEFINITELY recommend this.

I didn’t think today would be as enlightening as it was. I learnt to make the best of everything and know that I am beautiful in any shape or form.

This was great, keep doing it girlfriend as you are making a difference! Girls need reminding of the good qualities they have.

I thought it would be just another guest speaker but ALL GIRLS, ALL AGES SHOULD SEE THIS!!! Loved it. Thank you so much. WE all have girl disease (we all compare and despair) but we can fight it. WE choose negative or positive?

My favourite part was when the speaker was saying that we are all beautiful it made me cry. No one ever tells me that! You guys are amazing women! I learnt today to be positive about myself and it’s OK to be me. You are the best people I’ve ever met!

This workshop is excellent. As an individual who is confident about herself, I did not particularly need to hear this workshop. However, for girls (the large majority) who don’t have self-confidence, this is the best thing for them. Congratulations ladies, you may yet save women from self-destruction.

I thought that today would be a bit boring . . . BUT U PROVED ME WRONG. I loved this program. I loved it when we all embraced in hugs, it made me feel loved and special!

I learnt to be my own hero, be myself, be happy with what I have and don’t keep emotions to myself. I thought today would be great it was better than great!

I loved Son reassuring us that it is OK to be yourself and learning what is really going on in society. Be thankful for what you have, be yourself. Think positive, appreciate others.

Uplifting, motivating. I loved getting active and doing the activities but Sonia’s talks were very motivating and made me think and want to change, and want to be me. Great work.

Learning about ourselves and how we can be the person we want to be and really are – loved it. We are all beautiful in our own ways. Today was wonderful and I love what we were taught. Sonia is a wonderful role model for young ladies today.

You’re amazing Danni! I love you to bits!! Everything was the best as Danni made us think but still have lots of fun and I learnt to love every girl at my school and everyone for who they really area.

I loved how enthusiastic you were and how you shared your memories and moments that meant a lot to you so then it meant a lot to me emotionally. Thank you so much for today and for talking to me about things, I’ve been through a lot myself with bullying and I just respect you so much. You taught me not to judge other people without considering their feelings, to love who I am and what I have, and to respect myself.

You’re bloody beautiful and so awesome you opened up with us and you trusted us. You taught me to stop saying negative things about myself. Bratz and Barbie are ridiculous with the messages they send out to young girls I thought today would be a little thing but it was awesome.

I loved how today was really open and special and how the true piece of everyone came out because it means a lot to me to know I am not alone. You taught me to be me true self, and to be happy and to love and never to be someone who just makes other people happy.

This course was the best thing I have ever done in my life. You can come back anytime. I loved the whole thing and sharing our feelings. I learnt respect for myself and others.

I thought it would be boring but it turned out great. You showed us and talked to us about the celebrities and how they airbrush things. You showed us what was real. Thank you. I learnt today that I am beautiful and I’m not ugly because they might say I am. I’m not what people may say I am. I can imagine, I can love, I am beautiful, I also have purpose. Thank you Dannielle for giving me a lot of thought into my life.

I thought today would be a series of long monotonous talks that wouldn’t inspire anything but it was so much better than this. I felt so good, it made me cry from happiness. I started crying and I couldn’t stop. I learnt that words can have a really powerful effect on you, that I have really nice friends and that I am powerful . . .

I learnt we are worth everything and we are princesses. We should celebrate who we are, not how we look. It was good to be reminded of this and that my friends do love me and care about me. Today really made me feel good. I have been through a tough time and it made me realise that I can get through it.

I learnt that as women we are somebodies not just bodies. We are powerful and we don’t need to wear lots of makeup either.

To be honest I found all the activities fun today. It was intriguing and mind opening. I learnt to be proud of who I am and to love everyone for their uniqueness. Thank you 4 everything!

I thought today would be good but I didn’t know it could be amazing! Today I learnt that we all have a lot in common even though we are each unique. It was good to know I’m not alone, that I can just be myself and anyone that is worth my time will love me. You really challenged all of us but only for the better. Today I learnt to fly! Thank you so much.

I felt happy throughout the whole thing!!! I love Forever Friends. It made me feel warm and loved and very, very wonderful. I learnt to love myself, to be kind to others and to be in the spotlight of my life.

My favourite part of today was everything because I learnt more about myself and friendship. I learnt to love who you are, to trust your friends, that friends are important, to not put yourself down and that everyone is different. Thank you Storm.

Thank you Storm for helping me be myself. I learnt that you don’t have to make yourself be someone else and to believe in yourself.

It was a really great experience and I loved it! I learnt that I am who I am and that there is no need to pretend. I learnt to believe in myself.

Everything was great! I felt like I could talk about anything.

Thank you so much, you were very reassuring. I learnt about trust, friendship and to believe in yourself and love yourself.

Everything was the best! Storm was a great role model for me and I didn’t want it to end! I learnt that friends are forever and that I shouldn’t change for boys. I learnt that everybody is different and that models aren’t everything. I thought that it would help us to figure out our bitterness and it did!

I thought today would be just a lot of information and not much interaction but I got information I didn’t know and I really liked the chance to be creative. I learnt that I probably need to look into things a bit more than I do and I’m going to voice my opinion and be a little more outgoing. I learnt it’s good to be myself.

I learnt words are just so powerful. My favourite bit was the Style File because my style is different to everyone else and that’s OK. I also learnt that my friends are important to me but that they could change, we all change. That will be OK too.

My favourite part was listening to Danni and Fran’s wise words, which have inspired me . . . I will appreciate myself as who I am. I was born to be here and love myself and I will try not to think of other people badly either. And thank you so much Danni for telling me I was cute when I first walked in and got my sheet.

The best day of my life in weeks. I will miss you guys. I loved it and it was interesting you taught me pride, love and self-belief. And guess what? I think I made new friends! I love you all.

I learnt to be proud of myself and our beautiful bodies and it was the best day every single bit of it.

I loved it and this delicious, scrumptious thing really rubbed off on me! I loved talking about all the sexy dolls but I have to say that my favourite thing was all the kind people who worked with us today. They were so nice and supportive and I am really going to use all the stuff I learned today. I would TOTALLY recommend this!

My favourite part was listening to Danni and Fran’s wise words which have inspired me and what they have told me I understand and I will appreciate myself as who I am. I was born to be here and love myself and I will never try not to think of other people badly either. And thank you so much Danni for telling me I was cute when I first walked in and got my sheet.

Thank you so much for showing us our true colours and enlightening our lives and I can’t ever thank you enough. Danni’s words healed me.

Everything was my favourite! The emotional level was so high. I feel sooo positive and will go out of here with a positive attitude and a fresh new mind about my friends and this school! I love you guys and I mean it. I will be the best I can be and push my boundaries to reach greatness.

Go Enlighten Education! You are so inspirational. I liked making diaries . . . and getting inspired and being around women who are great.

I love Enlighten and I want to replay this day in my mind every day. I loved saying positive things and appreciating our friends and taking risks.

I learnt to be proud of myself and our beautiful bodies and it was the best day every single bit of it.

My favourite part was writing good points about your friends and reading your own. I learnt that nobody is 100% happy with everything and themselves, we get misled easily and everyone has advantages and disadvantages. It was hilariously fun and educational. Thank you so much for boosting up my self-esteem.

I wasn’t sure whether it would be beneficial but it turned out to be very interesting. I really enjoyed the body image section. It was such a shock to see the intense scrutiny on our bodies. I learnt that the media is not always correct, there is no ‘perfect’ image, being confident helps, ignore the messages from society about growing up too young and that most teenage girls feel vulnerable. Very inspirational for teenage girls. Thank you very much.

I thought today would be boring but it was so MUCH FUN!! . . . I learnt to be positive about myself and others, to speak out, you have a voice, love yourself and others, there is no such thing as ‘perfection’ in looks and you’re fine the way you are. It was inspirational and educational. I feel more confident than ever!!

Before today, I thought that there would be some boring person talking about how to be a leader. But I was clearly wrong! I enjoyed the ‘Love the Skin You’re In’ session because it was entertaining and educating on how Barbies and magazines print out such stupid stuff!! I learnt how to think positively, you don’t need to look like a celebrity, that everyone is gorgeous inside and out, how to be safe on public transport and how to appear strong and positive and not vulnerable. Today was the best day ever!!!! Thanks for coming!!!

I really enjoyed ‘Love the Skin You’re In’ because it made me realise so many things I haven’t noticed before. Even though I sometimes doubt myself I can now see the beauty in me . . . I really enjoyed it.

I thought it would be more about leadership, although I ended up benefiting from everything that we were told as a valuable lesson. I enjoyed knowing how others relate to the same issues as yourself, knowing that many are going through what I am as well, this way I got a wide source of what others feel I think. I learnt to never judge others, don’t be anyone but yourself, cherish your friendships, respect others’ decisions and that no one’s perfect. I had a really enjoyable day.

I thought it would be boring and mainly just talking, ends up it was an AMAZING experience. I liked everything! Dan and Fran were excellent and it was so much fun. Some of the things I learnt I will keep with me forever. I learnt that no one’s perfect, that we’re all beautiful, don’t worry what other people think of you, friendships should be cherished and find the inner beauty in people. I loved the day.

It feels like you’ve opened a new door for me. Loved all the jokes and when you both got the audience involved. The envelopes were great and the lifetime story is great. I learnt to be myself, to love and care for your friends, that I am beautiful, my safety and taking care and knowing that someone is always there for me. It was a really good program. I recommend it for all girls.

I loved the humour, but my favourite part was the introduction about your life and the way both you women sounded generally interested in us and our wellbeing. I learnt about love and respect, how much my friends truly love me and that I am special and that’s cool and OK. I loved it, it was inspirational, it changed my outlook on girl issues and my life.

The exuberance of Danni and Fran made the info sink in better and we understood what they were trying to convey. I learnt that beauty is on the inside and just because something bad happened to you doesn’t mean you can’t turn your life around and help others. I really enjoyed the whole presentation.

I knew that after this workshop I would appreciate myself and others more. My favourite part of today was learning to appreciate and accept my flaws and feel more positive in everything. Today I learnt positivity, honesty, happiness and truth.

The stories and complimenting people was my favourite part of the day because it makes you feel better about yourself. Today I learnt to stay safe, to be smart, to be logical, to plan ahead and to do things with people you trust.

I had a terrific time today. It was an amazing experience. Everything was perfect. I thought it was going to be a lecture but Di made it funny and amusing so I really enjoyed it. I learnt that I am a princess and that lots of people don’t love the skin they are in. I learnt that difficulties are a part of life but we can get through them. I also learnt that you need to be calm when you are trying to resolve an argument or problem.

Today was full of fun, laughter, confidence, forever friendships and music. I loved making the Princess Diaries because we got to decorate our journals and be comfortable and beautiful in the skin we are in. I learnt how to solve friendship problems and not gossip about friends. I also learnt to be more critical of the media. It was the best workshop I have ever been to.

Today was awesomely cool. I learnt that everyone is special and don’t change yourself, love yourself. I think I made stronger friendships. I love Enlighten Education.

I didn’t think today would be good because I was fighting with a friend. But, from the advice, I was able to stand up and apologise to her. Thanks. The best part was ‘Chill Out’ because it gave me a chance to relax. I also learnt that you don’t have to be pretty, you shouldn’t be a bitch, and that there are ways to be safe at a party.

Thank you so much. I will never forget today. All of it was fantastic. You showed me I am beautiful and I shouldn’t be upset by my looks. I also learnt that I can say, “Stop!”, that one person can make a difference, and that the sexualisation of our generation is horrific. Thank you Gorgeous.

I didn’t think I would learn anything new but my favourite parts were ‘Stop, I Don’t Like It’ and ‘Wake Up Sleeping Beauty’. I learnt that we are all beautiful, that the media has a huge influence, and that our image is only a small part of who we are. We have the power to change things, especially the ways that girls are expected to act.

I had low expectations of what today would be like but I LOVED IT! I really enjoyed when we listened to your story, what you went through, and how you made us laugh, laugh, laugh! You taught me that body language is important, to be happy with how I look, to always be positive and that Bratz Dolls aren’t as sexy as they think.

Thank you so much for all your efforts. The best part of today was just being together as a big group of girls and having many laughs. I learnt that I am worthy, and that I need to be myself and be true to myself. I also learnt how to protect myself and that no girl gets left behind.

The best bit of today was when we learnt the relaxation techniques. Everyone gets stressed and it was a great way to get rid of that feeling. I learnt that all girls crave attention and that I’m not the only girl that feels insecure. You showed me that I should appreciate myself and that celebrities don’t look the same as their pictures. It was amazing.

Today I learnt that we are more amazing than we think we are. Perfection is an expectation that shouldn’t exist our imperfections are what make us perfect.

I thought today was going to be a bit boring but I had a really good time and learnt a lot. My favourite part was all of it because I thought every bit was fun and I couldn’t stop laughing, Danni is so funny. She taught me about safety, about being a good friend, not to judge others and that I am beautiful the way I am. I love you and had a great day xxoo

I didn’t know what to expect but I certainly didn’t think it would be as fun and inspirational as it was. I really enjoyed ‘Love The Skin You’re In’ because it really touched me and I now have a whole different view of myself and others. AN AMAZING WORKSHOP! Thank you soooooo much.

I thought today would be a bit boring like most workshops are but boy was I wrong! My favourite part was meeting the amazing Danni, you made me smile and I will always remember today. The light that came from you made me feel like I was actually worth something! Thank you, you are so inspirational and I love you Gorgeous.

I loved that Danni made us feel safe and that she felt safe also to share her stories with us. I learnt to believe in myself, not to listen to the media, don’t gossip, we are all perfect and to be assertive. A helpful and inspiring day! Thank you so much you have made me see myself in a different way. You have made a large impact on my state of mind and helping me on the road to seeing that I’m beautiful.

I was expecting it to be serious and spiritual, thank goodness it wasn’t. I loved everything so it is too hard to choose just one favourite bit. I learnt that I am beautiful, I am an Amazon, how to stick up for myself, to be proud and to love life. So amazing and life changing!

I really enjoyed it when we all wrote heartfelt messages to each other because I loved how everyone’s faces lit up when they read them. ‘Love The Skin You’re In’ was very inspirational and amazing! I love my body even more and I feel beautiful. The workshop was very inspiring and I had wished it had gone longer.

The part I liked best was when we raised our hands because it was tragic yet beautiful. I learnt that looks aren’t everything, not to judge, be happy with my looks and that you are truly inspirational. I am crying so much on the inside. Thank you so much.

I thought today would be pretty average but it was awesome and I learnt heaps. I especially liked the parts where you shared about yourself because we got to know you and it gave us helpful advice. I love you and your work, you are an inspiration and my role model.

Everything was amazing and I loved it. You are the only person to help me believe I am beautiful. You taught me that I am beautiful in every way, I don’t need to change, how to set boundaries and not to bully other students. You are a great person.

Today was a wonderful experience, the best I have ever and probably will ever experience. I loved all of it because it made me feel beautiful and that someone cares. This will be a memory I will have forever.

Can we do this program again? I took so much away from today – I am strong, powerful and beautiful in my own way. Thank you Danni.

I loved it when we stood in a circle and we all made promises because it made me feel safe and finally like we were all supporting each other together. I love this, it really made me feel better about myself and I hope you keep doing this because it can really help people. I really admire you!