The half-day “Girl Essentials” school program and workshop for girls, works well as an introduction to school-based programs in Pastoral Care and Personal Development. If you are looking for ways to motivate your students, it is ideal.

Choose 1 core and 2 of our supplementary workshops, all workshops are adjusted to ensure they are age appropriate.

Core workshops for schools

Love the skin you’re in

Negative stereotyping, sexism, media images, the fixation on being thin – these are all issues today’s girls are facing. In this core workshop we encourage girls to critically evaluate the messages that bombard them every day and develop strategies that help them respond intelligently and objectively..


Wake up sleeping beauty!

Rediscovering the princess within: Little girls believe they can be whatever they would like to be, make friends with whoever amuses them, let people know when they are annoyed, and eat whatever tastes delicious – when did the rules change and why have we let things become so complex? This core workshop challenges girls to reconnect with their core values and beliefs and helps them remember just how truly special they are.

Supplementary workshops

Real girl power

This workshop explores the women’s movement and the history of feminism. Who have been our change makers? What does empowerment and the “sisterhood” really mean to us 21st-century girls?


Instilling gratitude in our children is about so much more than politeness. Gratitude is linked to greater happiness, a more positive outlook on life, stronger social bonds and support networks, and higher achievement. This one hour seminar shows how fostering gratitude in our children helps them develop the skills they need for fulfilling and successful futures – in their studies, personal lives and careers.

Be a dollar diva

Saving money, mobile phone plans, credit cards, business plans – all savvy girls need to know how to manage their finances. This workshop teaches girls how to be cash smart and how to avoid financial pitfalls.

Get it together

Managing time, prioritising, organising your space and your work, problem solving, thinking creatively – these are all skills that help improve performance at school and in the workplace. This workshop focuses on developing these skills and on learning to use them to your advantage.

Stop, I don’t like it

Every girl is concerned about her personal safety. Setting personal boundaries, safe partying, handling inappropriate text messages, managing conflict and using the internet safely – these skills are all vital. This workshop focuses on what’s right and what’s not right and how to tell the difference.

The princess diaries

Girls create their own journals in which they can reflect and reshape their futures. The finished journals are beautiful and powerful resources the girls will take away from the event. All materials are supplied. The workshop, which uses art as therapy, is also a time for informal conversations about topics that really matter to the girls.

Chill out

Relaxation, visualisation techniques, massage and more. Learning how to manage stress effectively is essential for our modern lives. Relying on crutches like the consumption of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes or other unhealthy behaviours is destructive and wasteful. In this workshop we encourage girls to seek balance in their lives and teach them some skills to achieve it. We also teach skills to help them cope with exam and assessment pressure to help enhance performance. These strategies are fun, affordable, and will fit into any girl’s hectic lifestyle.

Forever friends

Research tells us that friends are more important to teenagers than their parents or teachers. How do we make friends? Who should we make friends with? How should friendships be maintained? How do we decide if a friendship is helping or harming us? This workshop addresses these issues and equips the girls with the necessary skills to make safe, important decisions about their friendships.

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Testimonials from students

My favourite part was ‘Wake Up Sleeping Beauty’ I found that this was the workshop that I got a lot out of, things that I could apply to my life, it was very helpful. Thank you so much for the inspirational talk, I have got so much out of it. It was an excellent day.


I thought it would be a boring lecture where the whole time all you are thinking about is ‘When will this finally end?’ BUT Danni really connected with everyone, and out of all the things people in my life have ever said to me, and out of all the lectures I’ve been given, I really listened to you and to everything you said and I TOOK EVERYTHING IN.


Believe in yourself . . . every girl is a princess.


My favourite part was the friends affirmation session. I don’t think we tell our friends how much they mean to us yet the value in doing this is important for all of us. I learnt we can be self-destructive and how much there is we can do to build ourselves and those around us up. The media is playing a big part in this problem . . . we are all beautiful. Continue doing what you are doing! This is a message that EVERY GIRL needs to hear! Thanks so much.


I thought it would be pointless but I loved it all coz they made me think I am special and unique and that I am beautiful no matter what, words can hurt a lot. It was really fun thanx!


Vinnies is cool, more people our age are financially intelligent . . . these speakers are excellent!