The Career Gal program is specifically designed for students in the senior years. It identifies the skills employers are seeking, provides an awareness of the importance of maintaining work-life balance, and encourages the development of emotional intelligence. Schools that have run this program tell us the content covered is highly relevant and the program enhances the schools’ own careers and transition programs.


Career Girl

This workshop connects the girls to their future career through visualization . . . then fills in the blanks with exciting, relevant information about technology and information in the world of work; employability skills and attributes; informed decision-making for work-and-life balance; and a sneak peek into the world of the young, female, successful entrepreneur!

Creativity & Problem Solving

Full of fantastic interactive activities, this workshop focuses the girls on practising their creativity and problem-solving skills, while reflecting on their own strengths and left/right brain preferences — and the strengths of the girls around them. These higher-order enterprise skills are in demand by today’s employers, and this workshop ensures that the students are confident in identifying and demonstrating them.

The Living Résumé

A great résumé is one tool in the hunt for that dream job. This workshop unpacks the rest of the job seeker’s toolbox, before focusing on creating and maintaining a living résumé. We work with students to help them identify their current employability skills, craft attitude statements and reflect on their contribution to the community. The focus is on helping each girl to see herself as her best “tool” in her job search, and illustrating the importance of attitude as the number one factor in the job-hunting process.

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Testimonials from students

You must know yourself before others can know you. I enjoyed each part of the day equally as the presenters were equally as nice and creative in their approaches and they taught us so much. You can always improve on your weaknesses!


I learnt the things you need to find out about yourself to improve your personal attributes and skill set, that emotional intelligence is just as important as IQ, the Resume essentials and all about enterprise. Thanks!


All the presenters were fantastic and VERY helpful, thank you for a most worthwhile day.


I liked all the information I got from Danni. I thought everybody was really well prepared and there was no time wasting. I learnt helpful hints about CV writing, interesting things about my personality, and that the workplace is improving for women, it just all helped me focus.


I thought it would be a lot of information just loaded into us but I enjoyed all the workshops and the fact that we had an opportunity to join in. It was all about learning about us and not just random information! I learnt what goes in a CV, what it means to be a left or right brain thinker, how to develop my creative thinking and to seek balance in all aspects.


Everything we did today was new to me and will help me, thanks so much Danni as it was heaps of fun and I learnt so much like how to write a resume, what skills I really need to enter the workforce, and also how to deal with relationships and other people.