Career Gal.

The Career Gal program is specifically designed for students in the senior years. It identifies the skills employers are seeking, provides an awareness of the importance of maintaining work-life balance, and encourages the development of emotional intelligence. Schools that have run this program tell us the content covered is highly relevant and the program enhances the schools’ own careers and transition programs.


Career Gal

This workshop connects the girls to their future career through visualization . . . then fills in the blanks with exciting, relevant information about technology and information in the world of work; employability skills and attributes; informed decision-making for work-and-life balance; and a sneak peek into the world of the young, female, successful entrepreneur!

Creativity & Problem Solving

Full of fantastic interactive activities, this workshop focuses the girls on practising their creativity and problem-solving skills, while reflecting on their own strengths and left/right brain preferences — and the strengths of the girls around them. These higher-order enterprise skills are in demand by today’s employers, and this workshop ensures that the students are confident in identifying and demonstrating them.

The Living Résumé

A great résumé is one tool in the hunt for that dream job. This workshop unpacks the rest of the job seeker's toolbox, before focusing on creating and maintaining a living résumé. We work with students to help them identify their current employability skills, craft attitude statements and reflect on their contribution to the community. The focus is on helping each girl to see herself as her best “tool” in her job search, and illustrating the importance of attitude as the number one factor in the job-hunting process.


You must know yourself before others can know you. I enjoyed each part of the day equally as the presenters were equally as nice and creative in their approaches and they taught us so much. You can always improve on your weaknesses!

I learnt the things you need to find out about yourself to improve your personal attributes and skill set, that emotional intelligence is just as important as IQ, the Resume essentials and all about enterprise. Thanks!

All the presenters were fantastic and VERY helpful, thank you for a most worthwhile day.

I liked all the information I got from Danni. I thought everybody was really well prepared and there was no time wasting. I learnt helpful hints about CV writing, interesting things about my personality, and that the workplace is improving for women, it just all helped me focus.

I thought it would be a lot of information just loaded into us but I enjoyed all the workshops and the fact that we had an opportunity to join in. It was all about learning about us and not just random information! I learnt what goes in a CV, what it means to be a left or right brain thinker, how to develop my creative thinking and to seek balance in all aspects.

Everything we did today was new to me and will help me, thanks so much Danni as it was heaps of fun and I learnt so much like how to write a resume, what skills I really need to enter the workforce, and also how to deal with relationships and other people.

I thought it would just be a person talking about careers and nothing else which would be boring but Danni caught my attention and it was all interesting. I learned the media changes things, to feel good in my own body, that girls have a lot of insecurities but really we can do it! Writing a resume that shows we have skills and are confident is really important. Today was FUN!

I thought it would be boring today actually but . . . I wasn’t expecting so much excitement! It was completely beyond my expectations.

I loved all the enthusiasm! I learnt to develop the right side of my brain, to direct my strengths in my CV to apply for businesses, that skills are important, and that we should do something (as a career) that we will enjoy. It was an opportunity to know more about myself and understand my strengths and weaknesses.

Thank you so much Nikki, this might sound cheesy but you have changed my life. I learned I am brilliant, beautiful, I can be anything I want to be, and that I have so much to offer. Thank you because I had a lot of self-doubt.

I learned that self-esteem is valuable and how to enter the workforce with the skills that are needed.

I thought it would be a bit boring and the same old mumbo jumbo that I have heard before but I was wrong! I learned a lot about valuing myself, exercising my brain, celebrating myself and encouraging others to do the same. There was lots of emotions, happiness, emotions and hugs.

Loved it thanks! I learnt about how to write a resume, and to use both sides of my brain. It was very interesting and enjoyable.

I learned that if you speak out about what you feel, you will find most people feel the same. I now believe in myself.

I honestly thought it would be boring, but it was actually very interesting and fun.

I learnt to be a good employee and that I am brilliant! It was fun, interesting and we got to join in.

I loved imagining our older selves and how we talked about how we should be happy with who we are. Well done guys, it was fun!

Be positive to yourself and be enthusiastic about what you do and what you aim for, have a go at everything and don’t hold back!

The ladies talked to us and not AT us which made the whole day an interesting experience. I am unique and special. You girls rock! You are my heroes of the week!

I seriously didn’t think it would be as great and fun as it actually was . . . It just showed me that not everyone is perfect, we’re all the same and just to be yourself because the person you are inside is very special. I learnt today how to be ready for a job interview.

Honestly, I thought today would be boring! I didn’t really want to come but I was totally wrong!! I learnt to be ready for change, self-respect, stand up to others, left/right brain, resumes. Love the program, very inspiring . . . life changing experience!!

The most favourite part of the day was everything, it was all good and it made me feel a lot better about myself. I learnt about self-esteem, how to write a resume, girls coming together as one and self-respect. Career Gal rocks!!

I wish all my friends were as honest and as easygoing as you guys. Life would be a lot easier.

Thank you Enlighten Education for coming to our school and educating us about a lot of different things that are really important to us. We love you guys so much.

I thought it would be lame and cheesy but I was wrong. My favourite part was hearing about your stories. Nikki was very motivational and really inspired me to think for myself and be who I want to be.

My favourite part of today was when Nikki showed the slide show about her childhood. It showed that instead of just saying what she did she had experience to back it up. I learnt that I am Wonderful, Brilliant and can do anything. Enlighten Education is a great program which truly reflects the inner side of you.

I learnt today that it doesn’t matter what you look like, be happy with yourself, stay in school until year 12 and pick a career you will enjoy. The cards are helpful and an inspiration.

I learnt today that it’s ok not to know your career choice yet, as well as how to write an effective cover letter, how to compose a resume and the skills and traits that can be flaunted.

I thought today would be boring but it wasn’t. The best thing about today was Nikki’s positive attitude and outlook on everything. I learnt what to put on a resume, how a resume works, to be positive and to love me for me.

The best part about today was that I learnt a lot of things that I can use in the future like how to write a resume and how to be positive about myself.

I really needed help on the resume because I really wasn’t sure I had the right stuff but now I feel super!

My favourite part of the day was learning which side of the brain I use more and making the posters. I learnt about careers, girl power, creativity and having a positive attitude towards myself. Thank you so much for your time. The workshop was great. You are both beautiful!

I had high expectations because I loved the ‘Butterfly Effect’ program and I want to say that you met my expectations but did better! I really loved the final activity because some of the issues we discussed really annoyed me and we all talked about it. I learnt that resumes are living documents and that I need to make some changes and that a job isn’t necessarily a career.

I thought it would a boring day about careers. I loved today. Every workshop was fun and the presenters were good. It was an interesting day and I learnt a lot. I learnt about body image and that I should love myself the way I am, how fake the pictures in magazines are, about discrimination against women, how to solve problems creatively and how to construct a good resume. The day was awesome and I would recommend it for other schools.

I learnt to write a resume properly, to aim for the stars. You guys are beautiful. I aspire to be as confident as you. Thank you.

Today made me realise that you don’t need to be the smartest or magazine beautiful to be successful. I will write a good resume, have lots of jobs and be happy being myself no matter what. Thanks for a great day! xoxo

Today I learnt that I will aim for a career but I will start small with a job. You can’t be what you can’t see. Thank you. Please come again.

I learnt that Fifi Box worked with tax stuff once! I might have lots of jobs too. I liked the parts about resumes and also finding which side of the brain I use mostly. It was all really interesting. I think this program is highly beneficial and very enjoyable.

Thank you guys so much, you really helped me understand the career things and Enlighten always helps me to feel good about myself because of the fun and positivity.

I thought this would be dull but it turned out to be one of the best workshops I have ever done! Nikki was great, funny and confident and she connected with us really well it makes me want to do a similar job. I loved ‘Love the Skin You’re In’ the most because it made me feel good and I also really liked the part where we wrote nice things for others. I saw today that my friends see a side to me that I don’t always see my best side. You also showed me how to write a resume and that I can make a change.

This was one of the most ‘enlightening’ workshops I’ve been to in a long time <3 Thanks for teaching us life skills like affirmations and using positive words as well as showing us more about the place of women in the workplace.

Thank you so much! I really loved the whole workshop! I loved ‘Creativity and Problem Solving’ the most I found the bits about the spheres of the brain really interesting! And the brick exercise made me realize that I’m quite creative! Today also taught me to love who I am, the importance of self-confidence and the importance of having faith in my abilities.

These workshops were ALL AMAZING not just excellent!!! I would DEFINIETLY recommend this. Nikki is so nice and awesome. I love her! The resume bit was the best I learnt how to write one! You also taught me to look at the positives in life. LOVE YOU!

This was fantastic and will be sure to inspire many others. ‘Love the Skin You’re In’ was the best for me it really got you thinking about yourself. Today taught me things about myself, showed me how to write a resume and reminded us that it is important to have happy thoughts.

Best workshop I have ever experienced! For obvious reasons I loved ‘Career Girl’ the most where we wrote kind words for each other. It was nice to know what everyone felt about me and it gives you such a confidence boost! I learnt today about respecting your body and who you are and not needing to change yourself plus how to write a good resume.

This workshop was great and I learnt a lot. Nikki is also amazing at what she does! She is so beautiful! I especially enjoyed ‘Love The Skin You’re In’ as it opened my eyes. ‘Career Girl’ was so helpful as I have no idea what I am going to do when I leave school! Thanks for improving my resume and helping me see how to accept myself as I am, and that my first career choice is not the only right one.

This workshop was great and I learnt a lot. Nikki is also amazing at what she does! She is so beautiful! I especially enjoyed ‘Love The Skin You’re In’ as it opened my eyes. ‘Career Girl’ was so helpful as I have no idea what I am going to do when I leave school! Thanks for improving my resume and helping me see how to accept myself as I am, and that my first career choice is not the only right one.

Nikkers you are AWESOME, keep up the good work!! I loved learning to embrace myself and to be true to myself especially in job interviews!! I actually thought today would be boring, I was so wrong!!