Christmas Wish….

Don’t steal childhood away this christmas:  

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Love, light and laughter at Christmas and always…

Danni and the Enlighten Education Executive Team –

Fran, Sonia, Storm, and Jane XXXX


4 thoughts on “Christmas Wish….

  1. Jane Higgins says:

    The voice is getting stronger, louder, bigger and more and more powerful – together we can stop the sexualisation of our beautiful children and let them return to their childhood – where they should be – enjoying their innocent lives.

  2. Stephanie Slattery says:

    I went to a Christmas party on the weekend and there were lots of kids there, all under the age of 10. The kids were all dancing in the loungeroom having a great time, but I have to say that I was horrified by what I saw.

    The boys (aged between 3 – 9) were all sitting in a row on the floor watching the girls dance. The girls aged between 7 and 9 looked like they were straight out of a Brittney Spears video clip dancing extremely provocatively to these little boys. They were doing lots of sexual moves and although, didn’t really know what they were doing, to an adult it was quite disturbing. The boys were sitting there with wide eyes and their mouths dropped open. I think it’s really sad and degrading that our girls are growing up thinking that it’s (the norm) to be dancing so sexually to the boys.

  3. Dorothy Stahlnecker says:

    I’m as frustrated as a grandma, as to the child we’ve stolen from our children. I’m so pleased for the blogs and women who will work tirelessly to get this part of our kids life back..Great job..

    My thanks..
    Dorothy from grammology

    Danni, you have two comments on grammology, please feel free to comment back on the site…

  4. Francesca says:

    That clip made my heart so sad. I admit it made me teary but I refuse to shed a tear. I get sad then mad! I will continue to do whatever I can do that is proactive regarding raising awareness and discussion around body image and mixed media messages that surround our children and young teens.

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