3 Tips for Teenage Girls

I stumbled upon this film made by “chubbygirl27” on Youtube. She starts by reviewing the film 3oo. She then deconstructs some of the unhelpful advice teen magazines tend to offer their readers and finally, she shares three REAL tips of her own. I like the advice she offers, take a look:


What would yours be?

9 thoughts on “3 Tips for Teenage Girls

  1. Olivia says:

    for those of you who are watching it, the first 3 tips are NOT the good tips!! haha. she’s talking about the tips that a magazine gave. Her good tips are at the end at about 5 minutes! Just so u don’t get confused!! the mag tips = 1. drink more water – ok kewl. 2. eat more chocolate and when a boy dumps you – ok, but let’s not eat too much as it’s not the most healthy food to eat!! and 3: have more sex – totally not good advice!!!

    i like how she then talks about how magazines are glamourising celeb divorces, etc. and she puts a good point out there that the celebs are suffering from these events that are being inadvertently promoted and it’s not the best thing to be emulating to teens or anyone really.

    i do like her 3 tips which are: 1. study as far as you can go and take school seriously, 2. save $, and 3. be nice to your friends and family.

    my 3 tips would be:
    1. gain your own sense of self worth without having to rely on others to give it to you. because they most often won’t and will even tread yours down. be strong enough in yourself that you believe in yourself, and that your opinion of yourself doesn’t change because a boy doesn’t like you or miss mega-cow brings you down.

    2. Be kind to others – those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot help but keep it from themselves. How fantastic do you feel when you do something good for someone else? 🙂 It also boosts your self esteem!

    3. Don’t ‘give it up’ like it’s nothing – I’m talking about virginity. years later, you’ll probably look back and think ‘what was I doing?!’ It’s special, it’s precious, it’s worth keeping until marriage or at least until you find that special someone.

    Oh and I’d have another one: 4. learn a martial art! Keep those perverts away or help save one of your friends if in a compromised situation. girl power!


  2. Danni Miller says:

    YES – martial arts are great not just for self defense, but for overall confidence.

    For many girls, the uniform can be a major turn off when it comes to participation in sports (see previous blog post on this :

    My 9 year old daughter does Tae Kwon Do and just loves it. She really likes that the uniform is “comfy and doesn’t reveal everything”. In class she learns to stand tall, be centered and has gained awareness of her own power and now, at 9 years old, she is already a blue belt.

    I also love that her teacher is a woman. Diane Carn is a Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist who could probably kick butt, yet she is gently spoken and assertive rather than aggressive. What a great role model for girls!

    You may wish to check out her site: http://www.irontiger.com.au

  3. Selena says:

    Somebody find this chubbygirl27 and give her a job working with teenage girls!!!!

    I love her advice.

    I would add this: Try to work out what your real motivations are for the things you are doing. And therefore be honest with yourself at all times.

    (e.g. Why am I seeing this guy? Why am I hanging out at this mall? Why did I buy this outfit?)

    Agree with the idea about martial arts! It’s funny when people refer to it as learning the art of “No Kan Doo” (i.e. self defense). Some instructors are great, not just on training but on respect and attitude which are fabulous for everyone to learn about.

  4. Eilleen says:

    What a great video! Kudos to chubbygirl27 :).

    As for my advice:

    * she will always have choices, and she does not have to put up with situations she doesn’t feel comfortable with.

    * ask for help in making those choices

    And not so much advice but more a practical thing – to make sure as her mother, that my girl is surrounded by adults who love her, who can help her and give her advice for those times when she doesn’t feel she can go to her mother. 🙂

  5. Danni Miller says:

    Funny you should mention “Chubbygirl27” as being perfect for a job working with teens Selena – I thought so too and have tracked her down to see if she wants to work with Enlighten! She is a teacher but is working full time at present so we may just look at some other interesting options for now…

    LOVED the interview with Elizabeth Broderick ( Sex Discrimination Commissioner and Commissioner responsible for Age Discrimination) in the Good Weekend a few weeks ago. In it she was asked what advice she would offer her young daughter: “Lucy, a man is not a financial plan.” Here, here!

    ABSOLUTELY LOVING Dawn French’s book “Dear Fatty” too. After reading this, I am convinced more than ever that learning to laugh hard and loud helps. Actually, I think most teenage girls are excellent at laughter – yet sometimes as women we forget how important it is to revel in the silly and actively seek out those who amuse us.

  6. Storm Greenhill-Brown says:

    What great advice from a smart girl! I totally believe that education is crucial to a teenagers’ future opportunities. Even when parents complain that their teenager is working at minimum capacity at school they are still engaged in a learning process and still connected with their culture and generation. Too many kids who leave too early are adrift and disconnected in an adult world that has no safety net or chances for another go at something. I taught many girls who were terrified of leaving their haven of school as they knew that “out there” it’s real. Uni/Tafe and the like also provide a period of time in which to mature and grow into your body and brain. I relished this time to develop into me.

  7. THANK YOU says:

    Hey Danni, You came to my school today and I just want to thank you again. I came out of it feeling so positive and determined to make changes in my life. I remembered you had said something about a blog and decided to check it out. I am glad I did! And I will now check for updates every week.
    Thanks again!

  8. Danni Miller says:

    My New Zealand Program Manager Kelly Valder and I have just spent two days in Christchurch with all the divine Year 9 and 10 girls at St Margaret’s College; how wonderful to hear from you Rose!

    Oh how I loved being a new voice for you girls…AMAZING! Kelly and I have been truly humbled by your responses.

    I am so glad you are inspired Rose and look forward to hearing more of your comments here too.

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