Suzanne Keogh

Suzanne’s background is in professional theatre in costuming, stage management, lighting, and make up. She also works in stage management for high profile professional sporting events as part of the production crew team. The work combines her love of sports and entertainment and involves thinking on your feet in front of a live audience, which she finds very exhilarating.

In her spare time, Suzanne enjoys keeping fit. She loves talking with the girls about the portrayal of women in sport and how their bodies are resilient and powerful and so much more than an object to be looked at. Through her work at Enlighten, Suzanne encourages the girls to appreciate that they are strong and healthy and that when they feel healthy, they will love their bodies more. She believes that when we can enjoy a fast walk up a flight of stairs or a jog around the block, we will be more thankful for our bodies, finding fewer faults and seeing more strengths.
We are so proud to have Suzanne as part of our dynamic team.

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