Meredith Tourell

Meredith has been a presenter/facilitator for the past 15 years; her primary focus has been life skills and accelerated learning for eight to eighteen year-olds. In one way or another, Meredith has been speaking and performing in front of audiences for the past 30 years and feels completely at ease “on stage”.

Aged 14, a life-skills workshop sparked Meredith’s interest in self-development and from there she embarked on a journey of both personal and professional discovery. She knew from that point that she would have a career with young people. Having worked with teenagers from around the world, Meredith’s diversity of experience allows her clients to benefit from her knowledge of youth culture.

Meredith is trained in Accelerated Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Group Dynamics, Outdoor Challenge Training and Communication and has a wide variety of skills to suit many audiences from young to the more mature. She is passionate about people learning effectively and reaching their goals easily, and ensures an ecological approach to transference of learning. Meredith is married, has two school-aged children and lives in Auckland.

* Enlighten Education New Zealand is independently owned and operated by Meredith Tourell.

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