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Storm Greenhill-Brown

Storm Greenhill-Brown.

Bachelor of Arts (Drama), Graduate Diploma (Education), Associate Diploma (Arts/Theatre)

“As a mother of three and a committed advocate for the rights of young people, I feel compelled to help teenagers critique the toxic junk culture that surrounds them. My goal with Enlighten is to help young girls navigate this environment while developing a sense of self that will make them more resilient, independent, joyful and safe.”

Storm is a highly qualified and experienced drama and English teacher who has taught at tertiary, secondary and primary school levels in Queensland and overseas. A former professional actor, Storm also spent time working as part of a Theatre In Education ensemble touring schools throughout Queensland. She is currently the Queensland co-director of Learning Performance Seminars, a private national organization offering workshops for secondary students to improve their study skills.

In her work with students, Storm uses the creative process as a framework through which young people can actively explore their identities and the roles they fulfil within society. She is dedicated to helping them express a genuine voice that will be heard and valued, in order to heighten their sense of self-belief and self-respect. In our media-saturated environment, teenagers are particularly susceptible to the stereotypes of popular culture. Storm’s mission is to challenge this and empower young women to be their own culture shapers and creators.

*Enlighten Education Queensland is independently owned and operated by Storm Greenhill-Brown.

Louise Beddoes

Louise Beddoes.

Bachelor of Arts

“Working with Storm and literally hundreds of teenage girls every year is a continuous revelation to me! Whether we are in outback Queensland, the far North, regional or city schools, we see amazing young girls embracing the positive messages of our workshops, within the course of a single day. My faith in the next generation of women is reaffirmed every time we have the privilege of sharing our program. With two girls of my own, I’m acutely aware of the pressures teenagers face. I love the positive and practical ways I am able to assist girls to increase their inner strength and self confidence.”

Louise is a long term devotee of yoga and meditation, which she believes bring a unique perspective of simplicity to the complexities of daily life. With Enlighten Education she hopes to inspire young girls to seek simple joys through these ageless strategies.

Before joining Enlighten Education, Louise worked in the corporate world. As a Recruitment Consultant, she managed three offices for an international recruitment agency in Sydney. Later experience as an Account Executive in the advertising industry has given her with an inside perspective on the influence of media and popular culture. She  hopes to break down stereotypes that the media reinforces, so that girls can be objective in judging the value of the images they are confronted with every day.

Motherhood as seen Louise return to her first love, dance.  Over the past 20 years, she has taught various forms of dance and movement.  Her current focus is with young children, although her range has included ballet, jazz, tap and African dance. She has choreographed or workshopped for school and community dance programs.

Suzanne Keogh

Suzanne Keogh.

Diploma in the Arts (Technical Theatre), Queensland University of Technology

“I feel so privileged to be part of an organization that is empowering wonderful young women to feel comfortable with themselves, their appearance, their differences, their aspirations, and to celebrate them and those of every girl. I am passionate about the issues we talk about at Enlighten Education. I see the interest with which the girls listen. It’s wonderful to feel and see their enthusiasm, how excited they get when they see things in a different way.”

Suzanne’s background is in professional theatre in costuming, stage management, lighting, and make up. She also works in stage management for high profile professional sporting events as part of the production crew team. The work combines her love of sports and entertainment and involves thinking on your feet in front of a live audience, which she finds very exhilarating.

In her spare time, Suzanne enjoys keeping fit. She loves talking with the girls about the portrayal of women in sport and how their bodies are resilient and powerful and so much more than an object to be looked at. Through her work at Enlighten, Suzanne encourages the girls to appreciate that they are strong and healthy and that when they feel healthy, they will love their bodies more. She believes that when we can enjoy a fast walk up a flight of stairs or a jog around the block, we will be more thankful for our bodies, finding fewer faults and seeing more strengths.
We are so proud to have Suzanne as part of our dynamic team.

Testimonials from local schools.

All schools should provide the opportunity for their Year 9 girls to experience this program – those that choose not to are doing their girls a disservice. This college went into the program unsure of what to expect it took a few minutes to realise that Storm and staff could do more in one day than we ‘ordinary’ staff could achieve in a year. I strongly recommend Enlighten Education to all

A worthwhile, enjoyable, informative day with information pitched at the appropriate level.

Each girl was made to feel special and valued. Messages were empowering and activities were engaging and fun. Storm and Louise were so professional and so in-tune with the issues, challenges and problems faced by these yr 9 girls.

The girls really enjoyed the workshop and gained accurate and valuable information from its content. The presentation was professional and ideally targeted to the girls. Materials were very well prepared and the use of music was enjoyed by the girls and enhanced their enjoyment and engagement with the workshop.

Thank you for a beautiful day for our girls!

This was a very well presented workshop. It was obvious how motivated and passionate Storm and Lou are about these issues and it flowed on to the girls. The issues were specific to the circumstances of the girls at this school and in rural and remote regions in general.

Thumbs up-this was fantastic for all the girls and exactly what they needed to affirm their ideas of how wonderful they are and can be. A fantastic day!

The programme targets issues that are acutely relevant to today’s teenage girls and is delivered with infectious warmth and enthusiasm. A failure to address the issues raised might validly be seen as a failure to fulfil our duty to educating teenage girls. The students responded with keen interest and enjoyment and have taken away valuable life lessons.

This is our 2nd year of Enlighten Education. In our 1st year the children and their parents raved and requests were made to continue. A very positive experience for all girls of all ages.

Dear Storm, the day was very professionally run; incredibly valuable and thought provoking. The girls were impressed with the depth of knowledge you shared with them.

An excellent program for young girls. It gets all girls hooked in.

The girls have given me nothing but positive feedback. This is evident in your survey results. I congratulate you on such a professional and engaging workshop. I would be more than happy to recommend Enlighten Education to other colleagues.

An excellent day with the girls. Talking about it all the next day, teachers were saying how good it was, as well as parents phoning to commend the school on having such an afternoon. Well done!

Storm your incredible warmth, sincerity and bubbling enthusiasm still fill the room and radiate out to all the girls. They are very fortunate to have this opportunity with you. So many of us know how important is your message but the challenge is to find a way to effectively present the message so that the girls will accept it and make it part of their lives. You have found that key and so much of the success of the day is in the way you can relate to the girls so that they trust and respect you and are willing to accept your message that they are each valuable just as they are and that they need to stand up for themselves and their friends and resist the insidiousness of some peer group pressure and the media onslaught.

We're proud to work at these schools.

Queensland Schools

  • Beaudesert State High School
  • Bowen State High School
  • Brigidine College
  • Brisbane Girls Grammar School
  • Cannon Hill Anglican College
  • Centenary State High School
  • Clifton State High School
  • Clontarf Beach State High School
  • Downlands College, Toowoomba
  • Glenala State High School
  • Good Shepherd Catholic College, Mt Isa
  • Hillcrest Anglican College
  • Ipswich Girls Grammar School
  • Ipswich State High School
  • Kingaroy State High School
  • Longreach State High School
  • Longreach State School
  • Loreto College
  • Manly State School
  • Matthew Flinders Anglican College
  • Moreton Bay College
  • Mt Alvernia College
  • Murgon State High School
  • Nanango State High School
  • Our Lady’s College, Annerley
  • Our Lady’s School, Longreach
  • Proston State High School
  • San Sisto College
  • Siena Catholic College
  • Silkwood School
  • Spinifex State College, Mt Isa
  • Springfield Anglican College
  • St Aidan’s Anglican College
  • St Hilda’s School
  • St John’s Anglican College
  • St Joseph’s, Toowoomba
  • St Mary’s, Kingaroy
  • St Mary’s College, Ipswich
  • St Patrick’s College, Townsville
  • Stuartholme School
  • The Cathedral School, Townsville
  • The Glennie School
  • The Lakes College
  • The Smith Family (Learning for Life Programme)
  • Toowoomba State High School
  • Western Cape College, Weipa
  • Woodridge North State School