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Enlighten Education’s programs are created by experienced educators. We help girls decode the messages they are exposed to,
and we inspire them to follow their own path to success and fulfilment. With the caring support of our stellar presenters, girls develop
self-esteem and confidence – and they begin to shine.

Watch WIN 9 News report on our recent work with girls in Wollongong area here:

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The Butterfly Effect

Full-day program for years 5-12 (ages 11-18)
$45 per girl

A program tailored to suit your girls, built from modules including: critically evaluating media and social messages about having a “perfect” body; reconnecting with core values and self-belief lost in adolescence; feminism; fashion labels and social labelling; managing money; study and workplace skills; personal safety; journal writing; stress management; and having healthy friendships.

The Journey

Full-day program for years 6-7 (ages 11-13)
$50 per girl

Equips girls making the transition from junior to secondary school with a survival kit of skills: time management, prioritising, creating a positive learning space, stress management and making successful new friendships.

Career Gal

Half-day program for years 10-12 (ages 15-18)
$30 per girl

Helps girls identify and develop the skills employers want, produce a winning CV and prepare for job interviews. Reveals the value of emotional intelligence, good relationships with co-workers, and balancing right- and left-brain thinking.

Girl Essentials

Half-day program for years 5-12 (ages 11-18)
$30 per girl

A tailored half-day program made up of workshops from The Butterfly Effect extended program.  This program works well as an introduction to school-based programs in Pastoral Care and Personal Development.

NEW!One hour workshops

$500 + GST for up to 100 girls. Each workshop lasts 1 hour.
Download info pack here
$500 + GST for up to 100 girls. Each workshop lasts 1 hour.
Download info pack here

Talks for Parents and Educators

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

In this 1 hour talk, Dannielle Miller gives insight into the pain of today’s teen girls, who are facing body image crises, low self-esteem, and hypersexual portrayals of women by the media and advertisers. Dannielle reveals why so many girls feel overwhelmed and are turning to binge drinking, self-harm or extreme diets—and she gives parents and educators the tools to help their girls bloom into happy, confident young women.

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Welcome to Girl World.

Research tells us that friends are more important to teenage girls than even their parents or teachers. But Girl World can be a tough place, with bullying, bitchiness and drama as well as love and loyalty. This NEW 1 hour 20 minute workshop empowers parents and educators to help girls successfully navigate Girl World. Dannielle offers advice on:

  • Helping teen girls make new friends
  • Supporting teen girls to resolve conflict respectfully
  • Communication essentials for Cyber World (e.g., Facebook, online safety and privacy)
  • How to know if a child is being bullied and what to do about it.
Download Info Kit Here

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