Supermodels, Pop Divas and Soapie Stars

Do we really want these to be the only role models presented to our teenage girls? Wherever they look, teenage girls are
bombarded by messages about what to eat, how to act, how to look, how to please someone and how to be liked. Popular culture, TV programs, magazines, movies and websites dispense information and so-called “advice” to girls at a critical time in their development, when they are still in the process of forming their own attitudes.

Created by experienced educators with a proven track record of success, Enlighten Education’s programs help teenage girls
decode the mixed messages they receive and help them develop self-esteem and confidence. Our programs are designed to be delivered in schools and are targeted at girls aged 12–18. Our school workshops cover everything from helping girls discover their own inner beauty, to managing friendships and even developing business plans. Enlighten encourages girls to reach their own conclusions and to know their own minds. Rather than telling girls what to do, we focus on informing, inspiring and empowering them. We encourage girls to be discerning consumers and critical thinkers and to find their own voice and power in a complex world.

We also believe learning should be fun. Enlighten workshops provide a positive, engaging range of experiences that girls enjoy
from start to finish.

Your choice of half- or full-day programs can help transform young girls into thinking, confident young women. Testimonials from
many of Australia’s and New Zealand’s top schools and leading experts in education and psychology are proof of the programs’
success. And with management experience at secondary school level, our team has a complete understanding of school
structure and requirements, timetables and syllabus outcomes.

Please take a moment to read through the Enlighten programs and to meet our team. We would be happy to meet with you in
person to discuss any questions you might have, and to help tailor a program to suit your needs.

We know that the Enlighten Education experience has been amazing for the many thousands of girls we have been privileged
to work with; we are sure it will be for your girls, too.

For more videos featuring Danni, please view our YouTube channel feed in our media section.

View the video above of our co-founder Dannielle Miller discussing one of her books for teen girls; in this she also explains our Enlighten approach. You may also wish to view an inspiring advertisement featuring Danni which was made for the Australian Of The Year Awards as well as watch a WIN 9 News report on our recent work with girls in Wollongong area.